Contents of January Magazines

January 1 1909

Contents of January Magazines

January 1 1909

Contents of January Magazines

Architecture and the Arts.

The Quality of Woman's Art Achievement. Giles Egerton—Craftsman (Dec.)

Alexander’s Decorations in the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg—Scribner's Mag.

National Character in Art. Lawrence Binyon— Living Age (Dec. 5).

The Art of Lionello Balestrieri. Charles H. Caffin'—Metropolitan.

Women Artists of To-day. William Armstrong— Woman’s Home Comp.

Famous Beauties of a Thousand Years—Woman’s Home Comp.

The Age of Pictures. John W. Harding—Smith’s The Fascination of Art Pottery. Lewis Verbeek “Suburban Life.

One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting. John La Farge—McClure’s (Dec.)

Liverpool Cathedral and Its Young Architect— Young Men (Dec.)

Army and Navy.

The Battle of Agincourt. Major-Gen. Sir F.

Maurice, K.C.B.—Cornhill (Dec.)

Lord Roberts’ Warning—Saturday Rev. (Nov. 28) The Danger of Invasion—Spectator (Nov. 28). My Last Days With the Atlantic Fleet. RearAdmiral R. D. Evans—Hampton’s Broadway. Various Criticisms of the Navy and what They Amount to. Rear-Admiral R. D. Evans— Hampton's Broadway.

Floating and Flying Navies. J. C. Bayles, M.

E., Ph.D.—Carrier’s Mag.

Changes in the Navy Department—Outlook (Dec.


Business and Industry

Law Reporting a Business. William M. Clift— Shorthand Writer (Dec.)

The Horrors of the Muck-Raking Trust. Jame» L. Ford—Appleton’s.

Instruction in Public Business. W. H. Allen— Pol. Science Quarterly.

Improvements in Business Correspondence. C. L. Chamberlain—Book-Keeper (Dec.)

Underwriting—or Legalized Gambling ? S. C.

Hebberd—Book-Keeper (Dec.)

Some Recollections of a Bookkeeper—The BookKeeper (Dec.)

Fighting the Mail Order House. Robert A. Beall —Brains (NOT. 28).

The Business End of a Carnival—Brains (Nov. 28).

Trusts that Can be Trusted. Walter P. McGuire —Van Norden’s (Dec.)

The Romance of Copper. William I. Partridge— Van Norden’s (Dec.)

The Function of Marginal Trading. Frederic Drew Bond—Moody’s Mag. (Dec.)

“Hedging’’ in Cotton Futures. William H. Stephens—Moody’s (Dec.)

Economy—the Test of Management. F. M. Feiker —System.

The Pioneers of Business Systems—System (Dec.)

Driving the Engines of Business. Kendall Banning—System.

The Chance for the Small Business. O. N. Manners—System.

Turning a River’s Face to Power. C. F. Carter —Tech. World.


Work, Study and Play for Every Child. Henry K. Bush-Brown—The Craftsman (Dec.)

Your Christmas Gift to the Children of the Tenements. Lucy Leffingwell-Cable—Garden Mag.

The Seven Ages of Childhood—Ladies' Home Journal.

The Child Who Lived in a Hotel. Maude Radford Warren—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Child Life in Hawaii. Grace Hortense Tower— Pacific Mthly.

The Child’s Development. Lady Henry Somerset ^-Windsor (Dec.)

Nature and Science for Young Folks—St. Nicholas.

Education and School Affairs.

Progress of Pupils Through the Elementary and High Schools. J. M. Greenwood—Education.

Some Reasons for Decrease of Interest in Nature Study. Arthur S. Dewing. Ph.D.—Education.

A Neglected Phase of Practical Education. Prof. R. T. House—Education.

Teaching Arithematic. Walter H. Young—Education.

The Education Compromise—Spectator (Dec. 5).

A Sermon on Education. Charles Battell Loomis —Smith's.

What is to Become of Our Sixteen Million School Children ? James Creelman—Pearson's (Am.)

Essays and General Literature.

The Study of English. Prof. Lillian Lambert— Education.

Poe as a Critic. Sherwin Cody—Putnam’s Mthly

Milton and Modern Men. J. E. De .Montmorency—Con. Review (Dec.)

The Transmission of Acquired Characters. Chas. Mercier—Con. Review (Dec.)

Pensions and Homes. D. C. Pedder—ConReview (Dec.)

Poe. George L. Knapp—Lippincott’s.

Longfellow's Evangeline—English Illus. (Dec.)

The New Literature of Life. Edwin Bjorkman— Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)


(Complete Stories).

The Last Christmas Tree. James Lane Allen— Saturday Evening Post (Dec. 5)

Betty Kimberley. Anna O'Hagan—Smith's.

Rossetti's Struggle. Hall Caine—Appleton’s.

The Mistletoe Bough. Frederick Dorr Steele— McClure’s (Dec.)

A Modern Idealist. Muriel Hine—Tatler (Dec. 2).

The Mantle of Charity. Catharine Thayer—Red Book.


John Marvel, Assistant. Thomas Nelson Page— Scribner's.

The Ghost Kings. H. Rider Haggard—Gunter’s.

For the Workers.

Wasteful Pleasures. Vernon Lee—Contemporary Review (Dec.)

Problems of the Business Girl. Anna Steese Richardson—Woman’s Home Comp.

Educational Aids to Success for London’s Young Men—Young Men (Dec.)

What is Tact ?—Young Men (Dec.)


George Gray Barnard. Katharine Metcalf Roof —Craftsman (Dec.)

Among the Craftsmen—The Craftsman (Dec.)

The Craftsmen’s Guild—The Craftsman (Dec.)

Practical Suggestions for Rustic Work. Richard Ferris—Garden Mag.

The Romance of the Indian Basket. Harry H. Dunn—Bohemian.

Health and Hygiene.

The Doctor and the Patient. Rudyard Kipling— Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Why Fuss so Much About What I Eat. Annie Payson Call—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Suggestion. James J. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., LL. D.—Appleton's.

Federal Quarantine Laws. Edwin Maxey—Political Science Quar.

The Practical Use of Thermometers. Samuel K. Pearson. Jr.—House and Garden.

Alcohol and the Community. H. Smith Williams M.D., LL.D.—McClure’s.

The Solving of the Milk Problem. Samuel Hopkins Adams—McClure’s (Dec.)

Leprosy Actually Cured. H. W. Blakeslee—Tech. World.

The Battle Line Against Consumption—World's Work (Dec.)

House, Garden and Farm.

English Effects with Hardy Conifers. Wilhelm Miller—Garden Mag.

Growing Beans in Florida, C. R. Ross—Garden Mag.

Hyacinths in Five Weeks. Thomas W. Letson— Garden Mag.

Vines with Attractive Berries. Alfred Rehder— Garden Mag.

Reclamation Towns. Rene Bache—Sat. Evening Post (Nov. 28).

If You Intend to Build a Bungalow—Ladies' Home Journal.

The Hungarian Peasant Farmer. Baroness Orczy —Windsor (Dec.)

Warming the House in Winter. E. Stanley Milton—Westward Ho.

The Apple King of America. F. D. CoburnSuburban Life.

How Prize-Winning Fowls are Groomed for the Show. W. C. Denny—Suburban Life.

Making Over an Old House. Arthur W. Rogers —Suburban Life.

What England Can Teach us About Landscape Gardening. Wilhelm Miller—Country Life In America.

How a Family Lived on $185 a year, and a Farm—Country Life in Am.

Immigration and Emigration.

The Lure of America. Leroy Scott—Success


New England's Method of Assimilating the Alien. Day Allen Willey—Putnam's Mthly.

Investments, Speculation, Finance.

Foreign Bonds as Investments—Saturday Evening Post (Dec. 5).

Policy Conditions—Saturday Review (Nov. 28).

How Wall Street Advertises its Wares. Frank Fayant—Book-Keeper (Dec.)

Michigan State Bank Examinations. James 1 Van Keuren—Book-Keeper (Dec.)

The German Imperial Finances. Louis Elkind. M.D.—Fortnightly.

Indian and Colonial Investments—Empire Re view (Dec.)

Money Talks—Bond Merchants and Manufacturers. Richard Fitzgerald—Pearson’s (Am.)

The Power of Gold, Byron W. Holt—Moody's Mag. (Dec.)

Cobalt’s Magics. Alexander Gray.—Moody's (Dec.)

Deposit System in a Savings Bank. J. M.)Cobb —System.

Getting Insurance Prospects in Line. A. L. McBain—System.

When Caution Pays the Investor—World’s Work


Two “Don’ts” for Life Insurance Policy Holders—World's Work (Dec.)

How Men get Rich and the Right View of Wealth. Andrew Carnegie—World's Work.

How Europe Invests its Savings—Sat. Evening Post (Dec. 19).

Labor Problems.

Two Preliminaries to Labor Co-Partnership— Spectator (Dec. 5).

Social Transformation in China—Contemporary Review (Dec.)

Another Trade Union Surprize—Saturday Review (Dec. 5).

The Growing Menace of Socialism. Charles Edward Russell—Broadway.

Unemployment at Home and Abroad. J. Ellis Barker—Fortnightly Review (Dec.)

The Superannuated Man. Burton J. Hendrick— McClure's (Dec.)

What Organized Labor Wants—Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)

How Strikes are Settled in New Zealand. Oscar

L. Triggs—Outlook (Dec. 12).

Life Stories and Character Sketches.

Paul Ullman. Katharine Elise Chapman—The Craftsman (Dec.)

Who's Who—and Why—Saturday Evening Post (Dec. 5).

A Budget of Memories. Sir George Otto Trevelyan—Cornhill (Dec).

Milton as a Young Man. A. H. Diplock—Young Men (Dec.)


Bushido Stories—Studies of Japanese Rural Life. Shiniehiro Saito—Sunset (Dec.)

Duties for the New Year. Thomas J. SteedGarden Mag.

A Sheep Herder of the South. N. C. Wyeth— Scribner’s.

“We Have With us To-night.” Samuel C. Blythe —Saturday Evening Post (Dec. 5).

The Pedigree Hunters. E. L. Bacon—Saturday Evening Post (Dec. 5).

Of a Spinning Wheel and a Rifle. J. H. Youall,

M. P.—Living Age (Dec. 5).

Heart of Fire—Living Age (Dec. 5).

Mannerisms. Florence Augustine—Smith’s.

The Key to World Control. John R. Winchell— Metropolitan.

The Real Value of Christmas. Hamilton Wright Mabie—Circle (Dec.)

Feasts of Reason and Flows of Soul. Samuel Blythe—Sat. Evening Post (Nov. 28).

Men and Mammers—Spectator (Nov. 28).

Good Manners and Good Form. Mrs. Burton Kingsland—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The “Shipwrecker” and His Work. A. W. Rolker—Appleton’s.

California Paradoxes. Frances Albert Doughty— Putnam’s.

Every Man in His Humor. N. W. Boynton Putnam’s.

The Forest Service of the United States. Day Allen Willey—Book-Keeper (Dec.)

The Story of the American Indian. Emerson Hough—Broadway.

Brains. Teminity and Melodrama—Hamptonjs Braodway.

Personalities—Hampton’s Broadway.

British Weights and Measures. F. Stanley Read —Windsor (Dec.)

Typical Knockers. Edgar W. Dynes—Westward Ho.

The Country Clubs of Southern California. Day Allen Willey—House and Garden.

A Model Reataurant in Berlin. William Mayner —House and Garden.

The Passing Hour—Smith’s.

Funny Fishing off the Spanish Coast. Charles E. Eidred, R.N.—English Illus. (Dec.)

Curious Hands at Bridge. W. Dalton—Strand (Dec.)

Reminiscences of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Arthur Conan Doyle—Strand (Dec.)

Out With the Rosebud Land Rushers. Bailey Millard—Pearson’s (Am.) Ib

Treasures of the Sea. Day Allen Willey—Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)

The Decline of the Conversationalist. Horace Wyndham—The Tatler (Dec. 2).

The Problem of Living. Lilian Bell—Lippincott's

The Difficult Art of Giving. John D. Rockefeller—World’s WTork.

Prodigies of Genius. Lyndon Orr—Munsey’s (Dec.)

Sneak Thieves of the Sea. Arthur Stanley Riggs —Scrap Book (Dec.)

The Menace of the General Delivery. Donald W. Wilkie—Red Book.

Municipal and Local Government

A Special Tax on Land—Spectator (Nov. 28).

The London County Council and Municipal Reformers. Hon. William Peel—Empire Review (Dec.)

The City House Cleaning. Robert Sloss—Van Norden’s (Dec.)

The Costliest City Government in the History of the World—W’orld’s Work (Dec.)

Nature and Outdoor Life.

Forest Fires. Forbes Lindsay—The Craftsman


The Life Struggle of the Columbia River Salmon. R. R. Howard—Pacific Mthly.

Tropical Island, Town and River. Marrion Wilcox—Futnam’s.

Where the Caribs Live. M. A. Hays—Travel Magazine.

Winter Sports in Southern Resorts. Day Allen Willey—Travel Mag.

The Iron Edge of Winter. Charles G. D. Roberts—Windsor (Dec.)

The Gardens of the Missions. Charles Frederick Holder—House and Garden.

The Passing of the Chestnut Tree. William A. Murrill—Suburban Life.

Feeding the Deer in Windsor Park. T. H. Wilson—English Illus. (Dec.)

Winter Camping in the Adirondacks. Raymond S. Spears—Country Life in America.

Political and Commercial.

The Problem of the Near East. Calchas—Living Age (Dec. 5).

The Compromise Bill—Saturday Review (Nov. 28).

Mr. Dillon’s Land Bill—Saturday Rev. (Nov. 28)

Liberal Despotism—Sat. Rev. (Nov. 28).

The Emperor’s Two Voices—Spectator (Nov. 28).

The New Irish Land Bill—Spectator (Nov. 28).

A Suffragette in the Making. A. H. W.—Idler.

The Government and the Lords—Spectator (Dec. 5).

The Law and Liberty—Spectator (Dec. 5).

The Commercial Prospects oi the Panama Canal.

G. A. Ballard—Con. Review (Dec.)

Popular Legislation in the United States—Pol. Science Quar. (Dec.)

The, Lords Reforming Themselves—Sat. Review (Dec. 5).

Japan and America—Saturday Review (Dec. 5.) The. Policy of the "Clean Slate" Towards Germany. Archibald Hurd—Fort. Rev. (Dec.)

The Power Behind the Austrian Throne. Edith Sellers—Fortnightly Review (Dec.)

Vital Problems oi Canada. Bram Thompson—Westward Ho.

My Experience with and Views upon the Tariff.

Andrew Carnegie—Century (Dec.)

The Causes of Russia's Defest by Japan. General Kuropatkin—McClure’s (Dec.)

Some Reflections on a Tariff. Sir Charles Walpole—Emp. Rev. (Dee.)

The Administration of India. Lajpat Rai—Empire Review (Dec.)

Hands Across to China. Emil S. Fischer—Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)

American Opportunity in Siberia—-Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)

The Post Office and Thrift—Outlook (Dec. 12). The English License Bill—Outlook (Dec. 12). The President on industrial Democracy—Ooulook (Dec. 12).

Our Revolutionary Opportunity in the Orient.

Jesse E. Burks—World's Work (Dec.)

Ways and Woes of Consular Service in the East. E. Alexander Powell—Sat. Eve. Post (Dec. 19).

Railroad and Transportation.

Relation of the Railroads xo the Trans-Mississippi Territory. J. C. Stubbs—Sunset (Dec.) What Will the Airship Mean ? Albert White Vorse—Success (Dec.)

The Automobile for the Average Man. Herbert Fowle—Success (Dec.)

The Automobile Up-to-date. Harry Wilkin Perry —Suburban Life.

The Nationalization of Railways. C. S. Vesey Brown—Cassier's Mag.

Fog Protection at Sea. J. Erskin Murray— Cassier's Mag. (Dec.)

Recent Harbor Developments. Brysson Cunningham—Cassier's (Dec-.)

The Truth About the Automobile. C. 0. Morris —Country Life in Am.

The Southern Railway. John Moody—Moody's Mag. (Dec.)

Why Railway Rates are Too Low. Charles F. Speare—Mood\fs (Dec.)

A Waterfall to Haul Mountain Trains—World's Work (Dec.)


Future Prospects of Japanese Christianity. Sakunoshin Motoda—Living Age (Dec. Ö).

The Salvation of Christianity. Rev. Charles K.

Aked, D.D.—Appleton's.

Sayings of Christ—Spectator (Nov. 28).

The Ray of Judgment. Albert Alexander Metcalfe—Pacific.

The Vatican and the Press. Granvelle—Contemporary Review (Dec-.)

Subjective Science and Religion. Emma Marie Caillard—Contemporary Review (Dec.)

When the Village Preacher Becomes a Social Force. Rev. James H. Keeling, Jr.—Suburban Life.

The Federal Council of Churches—Outlcok (Dec.


Young Men and the Church—Young Men (Dec.)

The Catholic Hierarchy and Politics—Watson’s Jeffersonian (Dec.)

The Sunday School Around the World. Edgar Allan Forbes—World's Work (Dec.)

Sports and Pastimes.

Game Birds of the Pacific. H. T. Payne—Sunset (Dec.)

Hunting, Shooting and Rural Prosperity—Spectator (Nov. 28).

Our Billion-Dollar Smile. Glenmore Davis—Success (Dec.)

Record-Breaking Automobile Racers and Their Achievements. Minna Irving—Putnam's.

Motoring in the Alps. Charles L. Freeston— Badminton (Dec.)

Hunting the Takin on the Borders of Tibet. J. W. Brooke, F.R.G.S.—Badminton (Dec.)

Field Trials of Sporting Dogs—-Badminton (Dec.)

The New Spoit of Air Sailing—Country Life in America.

Angling in the Crater. Charles Frederick Holder —Recreation.

When the Wolf-pack Hunts. H. A. Bliler—Recreation.

Some Observations on Tiger Hunting. Capt. Francis Thatcher—Recreation.

Hunting Trout with the Camera. Harry H. Dunn.—Tech. World.

The Most Picturesque of Winter Sports. Herbert H. D. Peirce—Munsev (Dec.)

Science and Invention.

Oddities and Novelties of Every-day ScienceSat. Evening Post (Nov. 28).

The Imperial College of Science and Technology, Dr. Henry T. Bo vet, F.R.S.—Empire Review (Dee.)

The Machinery oi Miracles. Rupert Hughes— Pearson's (Am.)

Fighting a Forest Fire. Henry Jay Case—Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)

Paper Not from Pulpwood. R. S. Tigner—Van Norden Mag. (Dee.)

Little Talks on Big Subjects. Geo. W. Plummer —Van Norden Mag. (Dec.)

To Measure the Heat of a Star. Rene Bache— Tech. World.

The Stage.

The Playwright and His Players. Brander Matthews—Scribner's.

The Use of English in Singing. Francis Rogers —Scribner’s.

What Happens at Rehearsals. Channing Pollock —Saturday Evening Post (Dec. 5).

The Bpginrers of Romantic Opera. Rupert Hughes —Smith's,

Sixty Years on the Stage. Denman Thompson —Circle (Dee.)

What it Really Means to be an Actress. Annie Russell—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

Aspects of the New York Stage. William Winter—Pacific Mthly.

Stage Celebrities. R. G. Matthews—Idler.

A Comedy of the Suburbs, Max Beerbohm—Sat. Review (Dec. 5).

The Need for an Endowed Theatre in London St. J. Hankin—Fortnightly Review (Dec.)

Modern German Music. Madame Bloomfield-Zeisler—Woman’s Home Comp.

Theatrical Art Studies—Smith’s.

Sanity in the Drama. Thomas Burke—Van Nor den Mag. (Dec.)

Christmas in the Playhouses—Tatler (Dec. 2).

The Rise of the American Prima Donna. Elizabeth Lonergan—Munsey (Dec.)

Travel and Description.

9ngland and the English from an American Point of View—Scribner’s.

In the New Forest. Sir Charles Darling—Cornhill (Dec.)

Two Weeks on the China Sea. Burton Holmes— Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Romance of Old Cariboo. Kate Simpson Hayes—Pacific Mthly.

The Land of the Buffalo and Lion—Idler.

The Romance of Panama. Hugh C. Weir—Putnam’s Mthly.

The Romance of the Amazon River. Sir Martin Conway—Travel Mag.

A Return to the Tropics. George C. Danforth— Travel Mag.

Down the Ocklawaha. F. C. Bryant—Travel Mag.

The Spirit of the West. Blanche E. Holt Murison—Westward Ho.

The To-Morrow of New England. Curtis Guild— Suburban Life.

The City of the Emperors. Robert Haven Schauffler—Century (Dec.)

The Isle of Wight in Winter. George Cecil—English Illustrated.

Redeeming No-man’s Land. Albert Bigelow Paine —Pearson’s (Am.¡

1'he Absolute End of the World. Emerson Hough —Recreation.

Women and the Home.

Practical Talks to Women. Elinor S. Moody— Shorthand Writer (Dec.)

A Plea to the American Woman. Helen Keller— Ladies' Home Jrnl.

Ideas of a Plain Country Woman—Ladies’ Home Jrnl.

The Girl Who Makes Her Own Clothes. Helen Koues—Ladies' Home Jrnl.

The Budding Girl. G. Stanley Hall—Appleton's.

The Inconsequential American Woman. Mary Heaton Vorse—Appleton’s.

The Empire of Women. Valerie Vectis—Westward Ho.

Well Made Furniture, with Working Designs. John D. Adams—Woman's Home Comp.

Trained and Untrained Nurses. Anna Richard son—Woman's Home Comp.

Good Reasons for Home Owning—Woman's Home Companion.

Decorative Detail in a French Apartment House. Eugene Chifflct—House and Garden.

Arranging Cut Flowers Artistically. William S. Rice—House and Garden.

Artistic and Sensible Window Draperies. Richard Morton—Suburban Life.

Interchangeable Scholarships for Women. Louisa McDonald, M.A.—Empire Review (Dec.)