HAL QUINN August 21 1989


HAL QUINN August 21 1989


When Rebekah Holmes began searching last week for a note that her friend Rochelle Scholl wrote before leaving Portland, Ore., she made a fascinating discovery. Among her own papers—which Scholl once helped her to sort out—Holmes found a letter addressed to “Becky” (Rebekah) in which Scholl appeared to have imagined a timetable of future events. Donald Schwab, who manages the Portland apartment building that Scholl lived in, told Maclean’s that both letters were written in Scholl’s neat, wellformed handwriting. On the left-hand side of the undated letter are dates with a dash followed by brief notations. The letter refers to “Helen, ' but none of Scholl’s friends was able to

. the woman, who may be a psychothera-

Scholl was seeing in Portland. The list of

dates runs from July 2—the day Scholl left

Portland—to July 19. By that date, Scholl had been in St. John’s, Nfld., under medical care for

to be back next weekend on July 15 July 15 — Parents get suspicious

12 days. The list:

T. I.. O 7 • I____oo

July 2 —Shelley [Rochelle] is leaving for

July 3 —No calls in to Helen

July 4 — Holiday

July 5 — No calls in to Helen

July 6 — No show for therapy, Helen calls police. Police will talk with you probably. I am

July 18 or 19 — Parents call Helen. Helen

takes action. Probably talk with you because I’m

not at home

As well, Holmes found that Scholl had made

similar jottings on a large calendar that hangs

in Holmes’s apartment. Some of the notations

contain sets of

initials that

Holmes did

not recognize. Among the entries:

July 6: Helen B. L D.—calls police P. D.

July 12: Parents call Helen (The words

had been written, then lightly scratched



July 15: Parents get suspicious

li.ll...». DJ... r/i

July 23: Mother’s Bday 50 (The entry is

circled in blue.)

In another letter that she wrote

she left Portland, Scholl expressed

about her dog in a way that suggested :

did not plan to return. “I am leaving my dog Josie in the care of Becky Holmes,” said the

letter, which was dated July 2. “I trust Becky will see to it that she finds a good

home, possibly with Becky’s possessive

family.” The letter concluded with the

words, “Thank you for allowing me to make

my wishes known.” It was signed, “Sin-

cerely, Rochelle Shelley Opal Scholl.”