May 1, 1906

A Distant Relation 1415

A Distant Relation

MR. POTTER had just taken Ethel Spriggs into the kitchen to say good-by; in the small front room Mr. Spriggs, with his fingers already fumbling at the linen collar of ceremony, waited impatiently. “They get longer and longer over their good-bys,” he complained.
The Story of Greenwich Hospital 106107

The Story of Greenwich Hospital

A LITTLE more than two hundred years ago, on a bright Summer’s day, a lady might have been seen pacing up and down the marble terrace of an old house at Greenwich. It was a Royal holiday home, just an easy distance from the noise and heat of London, and none loved it better than Queen Mary, wife of William III.
Other Contents of Current Magazines. 126127

Other Contents of Current Magazines.

In this department we draw attention to a few of the more important topics treated in the current magazines and list the leading contents. Readers of The Busy Man’s Magazine can secure from their newsdealers the magazines in which they appear.
Some Wonders of Yunnan 7475

Some Wonders of Yunnan

THAT first climb into Yunnan will ever remain impressed upon my memory as one of the very sensational experiences of my life. But before that there had been other wonders. Before ever I had thought of coming out to China I had heard of the transit of the wax insects— which are born as eggs on one tree in one province, and have to be carried by men to be placed on another kind of tree in another province—as one of its wonders, and there for days we had been nearly crowded off the road by these carriers.
Some Mercantile Pin-Pricks 3637

Some Mercantile Pin-Pricks

"Is that all you want, sir? Goods by the usual route, I suppose?” “Yes,” answered Mr. Gregson to the commercial traveller, who, after booking his order, had taken the precaution to read it out to him, so as to make sure that each entry was correct.
Edison’s Plan of Life 4243

Edison’s Plan of Life

"WORK too hard? Bosh! The healthy man can’t work too hard or too much. It isn’t work, but sleep and food, that kills men.” So spoke Thomas A. Edison, the inventor. Give him a spoonful of peas, or a cracker, and three hours’ sleep, and he can do a day’s work equal to almost three of the ordinary brand.
Flowers That Cost Thousands 2829

Flowers That Cost Thousands

FROM the point of view of a very small class, that class devoted to orchid growing, the most important result of the British Government's late mission to Tibet was the rediscovery of the Fairie lady slipper orchid, which has been lost for 50 years.
Early Story of the U. S. Steel Industry 100101

Early Story of the U. S. Steel Industry

THERE is not a chapter of ancient history in the story of steel. Any one who visits the little Pennsylvania town of Bethlehem may still see John Fritz, who might almost be called the father of the steel mill. In Louisville still lives a whitehaired old lady, wife of William Kelly, the original inventor of what is called Bessemer steel.
From Grocer’s Apprentice to Senator 45

From Grocer’s Apprentice to Senator

HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, who was created a Senator last March, was of Scotch farmer stock, and began life for himself as a grocer’s apprentice. It is a far cry from the Edinburgh grocery of J. R. Dymock to the Red Chamber at Ottawa; it is 60 years less one from the raw country lad and new apprentice of fifteen, just from school, to the tall, broad shouldered, athletic-looking old gentleman, financier, director of many companies, trusted counsellor of political leaders and captains of industry, now taking his seat in the Dominion Senate.
Cobalt and its Undreamt-of Wealth 89

Cobalt and its Undreamt-of Wealth

LESS than three years ago what is now known as Cobalt was as wild and desolate a place as can well be imagined—a land of steep, rocky elevations and depressions with a covering of soil sufficiently deep to support a dense growth of pine, cedar, poplar, birch and other trees.
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