January 1, 1907


The Gardendale Burglar Cure


Friday, the Thirteenth

The Gardendale Burglar Cure 1617

The Gardendale Burglar Cure

WHEN the Fanshawes’ house was robbed, Gardendale simply folded its hands and sighed. The Fanshawe domicile was equipped with all sorts of burglar-proof things—an electric alarm, mysterious window catches, a noisy dog, two pistols, one shotgun, a colicky baby and Mr. Fanshawe’s insomnia.
Friday, the Thirteenth 7071

Friday, the Thirteenth

FRIDAY, the 13th; I thought as much. If Bob has started, there will be hell, but I will see what I can do.” The sound of my voice, as I dropped the receiver, seemed to part the mists of five years and usher me into the world of Then as though it had never passed on.
Other Contents of Current Magazines. 120121

Other Contents of Current Magazines.

A new serial by F. Marion Crawford, entitled “Arethusa, a Princess in Slavery,” begins in the January number, which contains among other features, Thesophical Brotherhood at Point Loma. By Ray S. Baker. The Negro Crisis. By Washington Gladden.

The Autocratic House of Commons 2627

The Autocratic House of Commons

TIME first impression of the House of Commons is disappointing. It is smaller than one expected; the limited gallery space, with room for only 120 strangers, is noticeable and explains why members to secure orders must wait their regular turn; and the floor proper is clearly inadequate to seat the 670 members.
The Guggenheim Family Combination 9899

The Guggenheim Family Combination

WHEN a group of Wall Street men voluntarily assume a loss of $1,500,000, most of which could have been shifted upon others without violating the Street rule of business, there is something remarkable about them, especially when the group is composed solely of brothers.
The Waste of a Great City 104105

The Waste of a Great City

THE term waste, while apparently a statement of fact, is entirely inaccurate, for there is no such thing as waste. Matter may change its form, but it never can be destroyed, and while the usefulness of these materials may not be recognized immediately, yet the possibilities of further service remain; whether as to retention in unaltered form for remanufacture, as in paper, or in the changed form of heat, power and light, they all hold values which are recoverable.
The Kingdom of Light 108109

The Kingdom of Light

IT IS not for me to enter the domain of religion, nor to trench upon ground occupied by men who have been specially called to the work. I speak only of the life that now is; how its highest compensations can be won, its rewards, if you please, attained; its sorrows mitigated, and its joys increased and multiplied.
Loose Leaf Books in large Houses 114115

Loose Leaf Books in large Houses

THE proper application of system to office labor and accounting methods has worked a revolution. Not the excess of system which degenerates into “red tape,” but the proper and businesslike application of modern ideas and mechanical appliances where it can be done to simplify processes and reduce labor.
A Gambler’s Chance 4041

A Gambler’s Chance

LITTLE did it avail Jakie Feinberg that he sold more Tageblatts than any other boys in Sewart Park, for the Semitic ancestry that determined the quality of his business ability had endowed him with an inordinate lust for gambling, which consumed all the profits of his newspaper vending.
Ballooning, the New Hobby 3637

Ballooning, the New Hobby

UNTIL the last year or so, few people have thought seriously of taking up ballooning as a hobby. The reason for this has probably been twofold. First and foremost was the deep-rooted popular belief and of all forms of travel sailing in the air involves the maximum of risk; and secondly, that to become the owner of a balloon, and to command the wherewithal of its inflation, repairs, transport, etc., necessitates a very considerable outlay of hard cash.
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