October 1, 1907

Cupid Goes Slumming


Sleep and Its Counterfeits.

Cupid Goes Slumming 2021

Cupid Goes Slumming

IT is a mooted question whether love is a cause or an effect, whether Adam discovered a heart in the recesses of his anatomy before or after the appearance of Eve. In the case of Joe Ridder it was distinctly the former. At nineteen his knowledge of the tender passion consisted of dynamic impressions received across the footlights at an angle of forty-five degrees.
The Secret of Longevity 8687

The Secret of Longevity

TO make a machine last long and not wear out prematurely it is essential to keep it in running order. So, with the human body, the first step toward keeping old age away is to keep the human organism running smoothly. Of course this means to avoid all diseases.
Sleep and Its Counterfeits. 112113

Sleep and Its Counterfeits.

SLEEP, after thirty centuries of study and thirty thousand of experience, is still a mystery. We know all about it, but nothing of it. The results of our most laborious researches, our most painstaking studies, are mainly negative. One great positive fact, however, emerges from the negations of all theories; sleep is not a negative process but a positive one, not a mere cessation of activity, but a substitution of constructive bodily activity for destructive.
Past, Present and Future of the Middle Classes 2829

Past, Present and Future of the Middle Classes

THE social problem of the unemployed is perceived by Mr. John Burns, as well as by many others not of cabinet rank, and outside the labor group, to include a wider area and to be charged with deeper issues than may be sometimes associated with the familiar phrase.
Jimmy Hogan 3839

Jimmy Hogan

NOW this tale is about me cousin Jimmy, an’ happened many years ago. Jimmy was no sich a little runt iv a man as Oi am, though to tell yez the simple truth, there was a toime whin it took a mighty good back to git me off me feet, fer all iv us Hogans fer hundreds an’ hundreds iv years hev been master hands at wrestlin’.
The Influence of Business Life on Women 5657

The Influence of Business Life on Women

THE woman wage-earner is today the nation’s most serious sociological problem, its most insidious menace. Legislation may restrict immigration, curb trusts, eliminate child labor, enact uniform divorce laws and subdue the “Yellow Peril,” but it cannot stem the constantly swelling tide of intelligent women who are fleeing the home life to seek careers in the various fields of money-making.
Sir Robert Gillespie Reid 1011

Sir Robert Gillespie Reid

IN the recent distribution of Royal birthday honors, Mr. Robert Gillespie Reid, of Montreal and Newfoundland, was elevated to the dignity of Knighthood. This distinction was conferred upon him in recognition of his splendid achievements both here and in the Dominion and in the sister colony, where he is a sort of colonial colossus, a railway and steamship magnate who stands unequalled and whose other varied and progressive enterprises— in mining, lumbering, and the operation of dry docks, street-cars, electric lighting and similar industrial ventures, make him a unique figure in the front rank .of the captains of industry whose far-seeing and allembracing projects are revolutionizing the world in these latter days.
When Town and Country Meet. 8283

When Town and Country Meet.

MOST of the men in Millerstown left their work and started home for dinner when they were hungry, and many of them scolded if dinner were not ready. Adam Troxell did neither, but worked steadily away in field or garden till he was summoned. Often his longing eyes gazed back over the fields to the door of the farmhouse kitchen, although he knew that the sound of his mother’s horn could reach him in any part of the farm.
Where Poison Haunts Man’s Daily Work. 6667

Where Poison Haunts Man’s Daily Work.

MODERN science, in the service of modern industry, has set itself the task of developing the “natural resources” of the earth. Some of these resources, like coal or stone, are comparatively simple and harmless. Others, like lead and phosphorus and arsenic, are fraught with great danger to the men who handle them; but all are needed by modern industry.
Other Contents of Current Magazines 136137

Other Contents of Current Magazines

In this department we draw attention to the most important topics treated in the current magazines. Readers of The Busy Man’s Magazine can secure from their newsdealers the magazines in which they appear. :: :: :: ARMY AND NAVY. Old-Time Naval Officials.
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