December 1, 1907

Jolly’s Father 3839

Jolly’s Father

REALLY, it was not the partiality of a young mother and father that pronounced little Jolly an enchanting baby. He was an enchanting baby. His face of the soft bloom of a rose petal, his eyes like forget-me-nots turned into stars, his hair in tendrils of gold, his dimpling smile, his cooing and gurgling, his exquisite feet that were a perpetual wonder both to him and to every one else, his cries of delight, his sobs of sorrow, his loving embraces, his eager little ecstasies, made him so perfect a piece of flesh and blood that it seemed as if he must, after all, be only spirit.
Photography in Natural Colors 128129
Science and Invention

Photography in Natural Colors

A PROCESS of color photography successful and cheap enough to be practicable has been perfected and last month was put on the market in the United States. This invention of the famous house of Lumiere, of Paris, is the realization of the dream of photographers ever since the first daguerreotypes were taken.
Life on Board The “Dreadnought” 8889

Life on Board The “Dreadnought”

QUITE recently it was my great and pleasant privilege to spend nearly a fortnight on board the “Dreadnought,” not only Britain’s greatest battleship, but a vessel which has surprised and considerably disconcerted all the naval powers in the world.
The White-Slashed Bull 4849

The White-Slashed Bull

HER back crushed beneath the massive weight of a “deadfall,” the mother moose lay slowly sobbing her life out on the sweet spring air. The villainous log, weighted cunningly with rocks, had caught her just above the withers, bearing her forward so that her forelegs were doubled under her, and her neck outstretched so that she could not lift her muzzle from the wet moss.
Dr. Robertson’s Work for the Training of Canadian Farmers 102103

Dr. Robertson’s Work for the Training of Canadian Farmers

OF yore the educator was wont to look at the work-a-day world from afar, and somewhat askance. At college he had passed from the student’s desk to tutoring, from tutoring to a professor’s chair. He was accustomed to regard men and things chiefly as depicted in books, tabulated in statistics, or reported in the proceedings of legislatures and courts.
The Heroism of Mr. Peglow 114115

The Heroism of Mr. Peglow

EVEN though the door to the inner office was closed, the ears of Simeon Hobby could not escape from the maddening peckpeck-peck that came from beyond it. For at least the tenth time that afternoon he straightened up wearily from his desk, sighed, and shook his head slowly.
The Airship Age 8283

The Airship Age

FROM time immemorial, the great God of War has claimed the first tribute of every invention that could render his strength more terrible and his cruelty more hideous. The first steel was used to kill, the first gunpowder to propel a bullet.
Trade Unions and Trusts 3233

Trade Unions and Trusts

TO the student of economic phenomena who starts out with the preconceived notion that trade unions and trusts are phases of a general combination movement, the very different policies which democratic states have adopted towards them must appear surprising if not inexplicable.
Margaret’s Lace 5859

Margaret’s Lace

“THERE!” exclaimed Mrs. Kell impatiently, at the same time closing her box with a bang; “that is packed at last and we shall be leaving Brussels in a couple of hours without one bit of lace. It’s a great bother having to leave so suddenly. To take back some Brussels lace for Margaret was my chief object in coming here with you, John!”
Retirement from Business 7475

Retirement from Business

THERE are many business men who could render most valuable service to the community and at the same time benefit themselves physically, morally, and intellectually, if they would but recognize their possibilities. To give full measure of their service involves retirement from the all-absorbing detail of everyday business.
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