February 1, 1908

The Significance of Mr. Hearst

The Middle-Aged Failure

Fleas Will Be Fleas

The Significance of Mr. Hearst 7475

The Significance of Mr. Hearst

The Middle-Aged Failure 116117

The Middle-Aged Failure

THERE crashed upon Penstock in that one moment’s idle reflection the whole, ugly truth of his condition—middle-aged and a failure! The thought, vaguely originated, leaped forward in his mind, took form, and, gathering bulk, ruthlessly swept aside the pretenses with which he had shielded himself from realization.
Fleas Will Be Fleas 3031

Fleas Will Be Fleas

MIKE FLANNERY was the star boarder at Mrs. Muldoon’s, and he deserved to be so considered, for he had boarded with Mrs. Muldoon for years, and was the agent of the Interurban Express Company at Woodcote, while Mrs. Muldoon’s other boarders were largely transient.

Contents of the February Magazines 136137

Contents of the February Magazines

The Woods Inquiry.........................Saturday Rev. (Dec. 14.) The Case of Lieutenant Woods...................Spectator (Dec. 14.) The American Pacific Fleet ....................Spectator (Dec. 21.) An Inquiry into the State of the Navy. A Hurd.....Fortnightly Rev. The Defenders of Our Shore Line. F. J. Dyer........World’s Work
The Game Got Them 3839

The Game Got Them

SOMEBODY asked for a dollar! That is what precipitated the worst panic of recent years. The banks had stocks, bonds, mortgages, office buildings, participations in syndicates, notes, steamships, copper mines, words of honor, loans to directors, and other-first-class assets.
How the Englishman Does Business 6667

How the Englishman Does Business

WHY does the American in London look with pity and impatience upon the business methods of his British cousin? Because he can’t help it. Because, no matter where he turns, from costering to finance, he sees things being done with a sedateness, a reverence for tradition and a disregard for economy in labor or detail that make him desire to reform the whole British commercial fabric at once.
The Northern Packet 100101

The Northern Packet

THE mails for the great inland wilderness of Northern Canada during the winter are distributed through four wonderful channels of communication maintained hitherto by the Hudson’s Bay Company, and known as the packet routes. These are the Mackenzie River, the English River, the York Factory•and the Moose Factory mails, and by them and their ramifications even the most remote posts are reached; and the news of the civilization carried at long enough regular intervals to those who hunger for it in their terrible isolation within the almost inaccessible wilds.
Hetty Green: Mistress of Finance 110111

Hetty Green: Mistress of Finance

IF you have been a part of the hurrying throng that daily jostles down lower Broadway, you may have seen her. Such a lonely little figure! A withered leaf, it seems strangely tossed in the great financial current. Follow this little old woman in rusty black and see her enter the Chemical National Bank.
Balzac and Mr. Hopkins 8283

Balzac and Mr. Hopkins

AT the time that George Hopkins discarded his runabout in favor of a touring-car and had a new roof put on his house, he also laid in a ready-made library. Previous to the installation of this collection of splendid bindings and uncut edges he had been permitted by urbane book agents who wore silk hats and gloves on the street to invest money in limited editions.
Why the Jew Has Won 5051

Why the Jew Has Won

WHEN Israel Zangwill was asked “Why have the Jews succeeded?” he replied that they had not succeeded, and that as a race they were a miserable failure, and that only here and there could there be found a solitary example of success. He had some figures to support his statement, and these figures were drawn not from the United States, where the Jews have attained the nearest approach to some kind of social solidarity, but from the swarming, confused East.
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