March 1, 1908

His Trial Balance

The Life Story of a Buffalo

His Trial Balance 3233

His Trial Balance

OF COURSE, they were fashionable, at least Mrs. Chadwick was, and that was sufficient. Mr. Chadwick was satisfied to resign all such things to his wife, and when he left his luxurious home of a morning to go to his business office, he left all thoughts of trying to be fashionable far behind him, and only concerned himself about making the wherewithal to keep things going.
The Life Story of a Buffalo 9697

The Life Story of a Buffalo

THE elephants had drunk at the midnight pool, disported themselves, and departed. But meanwhile there was a silent movement along the bank higher up the stream. A dull, black, massive form comes to the water’s edge, then another on its right, and another on its left.
Contents of the March Magazines 124125

Contents of the March Magazines

The First Stop of the Fleet. F. Palmer...........Collier’s (Jan. 18.) The Fleet at Sea. F. Palmer ...................Collier’s (Jan. 25.) Naval Prospects ..........................Saturday Rev. (Jan. 11.) County Guards ................................Spectator (Feb. 1.)
Charles Dana Gibson 2425

Charles Dana Gibson

Creator of American Social Types
Some of Electricity’s Recent Triumphs 4445

Some of Electricity’s Recent Triumphs

WHEN man in the making first kindled fire, he took a long stride toward becoming man as he is. Fire gave him warmth in winter: it opened to him gates of the north otherwise forever shut. After sundown it bestowed light, so that he could then work or travel, hunt or fish, instead of idling in caves or huts as when destitute of glowing ember or flaring torch.
What Germany Can Teach Us 108109

What Germany Can Teach Us

WHY are American cities worse governed than German cities? Why are they in many ways so much less modern and comfortable and beautiful? It is not because we lack the progressive spirit or the wealth, the love of comfort or the sense of beauty.
The Busy Life of England’s Premier 7879

The Busy Life of England’s Premier

I HAD known for some months that Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was in a poor state of health, but I was not prepared to find him so badly run down as I did when I visited him at Belmont Castle during the autumn. The fact is that he never got over the death of his wife, to whom he was deeply attached.
$25,000 Jobs That Go Begging 5051

$25,000 Jobs That Go Begging

THE mining-camps in the Nome District were somewhat flabbergasted—so far as this is possible among gents who pay a dollar for a shave—when Conrad, the Alaskan mining king, posted his famous offer for a smelting superintendent at $25,000 a year.
Circulation of British Journals 114115

Circulation of British Journals

How they resort to the Limerick craze and other devices to keep up sales—Some anomalies of the post office system — English and American publications and their contents compared.
The Fate of the Cullinan Gem 8485

The Fate of the Cullinan Gem

THE fate of the Cullinan gem is still in the balance, and debate has been fierce whether the King’s great gem is to be cut and polished or left in its present condition. When the Koh-i-Noor was cut it dwindled from 186 to 106 carats, and this loss of 80 carats still creates a doubt among experts whether the result justified the loss, for weight in a diamond is a paramount consideration.
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