April 1, 1908



A PERIODICAL sojourner to Canada is the Right Honorable James Bryce, British Ambassador at Washington. Recently he paid a flying visit to several Canadian cities. Why these trips of the Ambassador, some one may ask? Is it not the natural and inevitable development of Canadian nationality—the growing world-wide importance of this great commonwealth.
Contents of the April Magazines 126127

Contents of the April Magazines

The Voyage of the American Fleet. S. Brooks. —Living Age, (March 7). Trip of a Warship to Blow up a Direlict. W. J. Aylward.—Scribner's. The Hell of War. L. L. Seaman.—Appleton's. The Trouble with Our Army. Lieut. P. H. Clerk.—Metropolitan.
The Professor’s Awakening 3839

The Professor’s Awakening

PROFESSOR MEIGS was stout, middle-aged and retiring. His specialty was paleontology, and what he didn’t know about six-toed horses and flying reptiles and that sort of thing was the part that hasn’t yet been dug up. So engrossed in this study was he that he practically lived in the reptilian age, only rarely descending so far as the tertiary period, and never coming really in contact with the quaternary era and modern life.
The Greatest Inventor in the World 112113

The Greatest Inventor in the World

Brief Glimpses into the marvellous career of Mr. Edison— Trials of his boyhood and repulses in early life — His wonderful perseverance and indomitable pluck.
A Study in Optimism 3233

A Study in Optimism

IT was a gorgeously bright sunny day in early summer. Yellow and red honeysuckles peeped in at the open window of a brightly papered nesting place of a room from the tasteful box on the ornamental fireescape, and three tremendously happy golden canaries sang as if their hearts would burst with rapture from their golden cage just over the handsome bird’s-eye maple desk of Ned Merry-field, one time a bachelor, but now a happy husband of a week.
The American Invasion of Canada 8889

The American Invasion of Canada

The reason that hundreds of thousands from across the border seek new homes in the fertile Dominion—Americans and Canadians are the best of friends—Prosperity and plenty abound on all sides.
How a Wife is Kept in the Background 7475

How a Wife is Kept in the Background

After sacrificing beauty, health, and personal ambition, to help her husband realize his ideals, she is thrust out of the Eden of her dreams, to give place to a silly butterfly, who has done nothing whatever toward making the home or fortune which she is to enjoy.
A Debt Discharged 4849

A Debt Discharged

THE doctor was dying. For a week the “road-side club,” as a “summer boarder” once dubbed it, had given their evening sessions solely to the topic, each man occupying his own particular niche among granite boulders and stunted berry bushes in nature’s forum.
How Young Married Folk Should Finance 5455

How Young Married Folk Should Finance

BEFORE marriage some young men stand in respectful and loving awe of the woman they want to marry, as if she were ever daintily gowned, perched on a pedestal and could not be communicated with in a confiding way about material things until after the nuptial knot had been tied.
Co-Operation and Some of its Beneficial Results 6061

Co-Operation and Some of its Beneficial Results

How the system has worked in a leading Canadian departmental store — Employees taught to save and acquire financial interest in the business — Some practical lessons attained — How those employed view the plan.
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