August 1, 1908

Great Achievements of Men Over Sixty 1617

Great Achievements of Men Over Sixty

OLD age is a subject in which we all feel a direct and personal interest, since those of us who are not already old are certain to become so if we go on living. Deep down in his inner consciousness, every human being doubtless hates the thought; and even when in the full tide of youth or in middle life, he feels at times a cold fear gripping at his heart, as if some one had said:
Contents of the August Magazines 136137

Contents of the August Magazines

Canadian Militia. C. F. Hamilton—Canadian. Army vs. Navy Life. A. H. Dutton—Overland Monthly. Brigade of Guards—Spectator (June 27). New British Army Officer—Chambers’s Jrnl. Photographing the Navy. H. Symonds—Pearson’s (Eng.).
The Wooing of the Tutor 4445

The Wooing of the Tutor

FOR reasons best known to himself, but which you shall learn later, Herbert Ford took a situation as holiday tutor to the son of Mr. Brackley, a substantial merchant, whose business was in the city, and whose house was in Lancaster Gate. The two boys were aged eight and nine, and they were the only offspring of Mr. Brackley’s second marriage.
The King’s Grip 5859

The King’s Grip

THE three men who owned the city had met by appointment in the king’s library. Although they were calculating royal revenues, there was a strange lack of papers and books of account. Occasionally it was necessary for them to scribble figures, but as soon as each memorandum had served its purpose, Abraham Wolfe studiously burned it on a capacious ashtray.
The Outside Versus the Inside Man 3637

The Outside Versus the Inside Man

I SHALL endeavor to condense the arguments, pro and con, which are customarily used in an ordinary business to carry the point when this subject is discussed. The only reason for argument may possibly lie in the fact that “each unto his own” is a man’s business religion, always understanding that each man’s own particular work is necessarily the hardest and the least appreciated.
The Story of a Close Shave 8081

The Story of a Close Shave

WALTERS, President of the National Razor Company, paced the floor and chewed his cigar until three-quarters of its length was a macerated pulp. From time to time he peered at the paper in his hand. He was worried. It was the first of the month and the statement before him was enough to bring despair to a heart that had not been kicked about by the heavy boot of ill fortune as long as his had.
Sir William Macdonald and Practical Education 126127

Sir William Macdonald and Practical Education

"I AM a solitary man. I do my own thinking. I do my own acting. I am sorry you ever suggested the idea of writing anything about me, because I do not like it.” So spoke Sir William C. Macdonald the other day, the noted philanthropist, benefactor to McGill University and education generally, and highly successful business man of Montreal.
My Voyage in The World's Greatest Airship 7475

My Voyage in The World's Greatest Airship

A WHITE fog pressed close to my bedroom window like a blanket of fleecy wool. Not a pleasant sight for a man who has to take his first voyage in an airship. I had visions of being fogbound in the seas of the air, of drifting helplessly on to the grey stones of Notre Dame, or crashing against the great steel structure of the Eiffel Tower.
The City Man as a Farmer 108109

The City Man as a Farmer

THE first question asked of one who advocates a return to farming as the most natural and reasonable method of earning a living and providing a home and a competence for the future, is: What about the practical side of such a scheme? Would it be possible for a workman used to city life and to the factories and possessing little knowledge of farming to cope with the difficulties which frequently prove too much for the man who has lived all his life on the farm and whose father and grandfather before him have followed the plough?
No Sport in the World to Equal Mountaineering 120121

No Sport in the World to Equal Mountaineering

THERE is no sport in the world like mountaineering. Its pleasures are not marred by the slaughter of innocent animal life, nor discomfiture to any of our fellow beings, and perfect health and physical fitness, such as no other sport can give, are numbered among its greatest rewards.
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