September 1, 1908

The Thirteenth Move

The Failure of the Professional Woman

The Thirteenth Move 9899

The Thirteenth Move

IKEY stood on the street corner and fingered her veil to keep passersby from seeing her lips tremble. She was sure that she was going to cry right there in the open and she was furious about it because she did not approve of weepy females. “If you dare,” she whispered fiercely, “if you dare, I’ll — I'll — you shan’t have that nickel’s worth of peanut candy, or those currant buns, either.”
Contents of the Sept. Magazines 134135

Contents of the Sept. Magazines

Strategy and Tactics. Sir R. Blennerhassett— Fort. Rev. Exit the Militia—Sat. Rev. (Aug. 1). Divers of a Navy. W. G. Fitz-Gerald—St. Nicholas. Some Costly Naval Mistakes. A. H. Dutton— Overland Mthly. Defence of the American Navy. A. W. L. Capps —Sunset.
The Failure of the Professional Woman 8889

The Failure of the Professional Woman

"THERE was no warmth for me on all those altars. * * * I was always to return to myself, be my own priest, parent, child, husband and wife. * * * The life! the life! Oh, my God! shall the life never be sweet?” Before woman was recognized as a Cause, and long before business barriers were let down for her, she who was given a more immediate intellectual recognition by brilliant men than has ever been accorded to any other American woman, Margaret Fuller, wrote and felt thus.
Just an Error of Judgment 3233

Just an Error of Judgment

A SOLITARY watchman stood in the doorway of the burned store and looked anxiously up and down the street ; he was disgusted and hungry. “Wonder how long I got to stay here,” he grumbled. “He was goin' to have a man to relieve me by six o'clock, an' nobody’s come yet.”
New Thought Creates New Life 5051

New Thought Creates New Life

A CHAMPION prize-fighter says that he does not train for his contests. “The weight question,” he declares, “is the least of my troubles. I can make one hundred and thirty-three pounds with ease, and while it is not generally known to the public, I will get down to this weight by thinking about making it.
Stover, the Strategist 5859

Stover, the Strategist

MR. GLEASON, president and managing director of the Rock Bottom Life Insurance Company, looked up as Mr. Stover entered. “How are you?” he said heartily, reaching a fat hand across the table. “I got your wire, sir,” returned the young man, taking it.
Foreign Parasites and Their Prey 4647

Foreign Parasites and Their Prey

OF all men the American is the most guileless. On his own ground he is master of himself and of his possessions. Indeed he is fearsome and predatory. But once abroad in the world strangers may do as they will with him. Red-shirted mountaineers sell him gold mines; farmers jockey him in horse trades; French noblemen marry his daughters out of hand; and the rogues of the world, great and small, play with him as little children play with a lamb tied up in ribbons.
How George H. Ham Dispenses Sunshine 122123

How George H. Ham Dispenses Sunshine

TO deny acquaintance with George H. Ham is to confess ignorance of Canada’s greatest institution, the Canadian Pacific Railway. Who is George H. Ham? Why, he is George Ham, that's all. The poor man has not an official title to bless himself with, he never did have a title, and there are no present indications that he ever will have one.
A Character Sketch of the New Bryan 108109

A Character Sketch of the New Bryan

SOMEWHERE the other day I read the statement that the Bryan who was nominated at Denver is not intellectually or ethically the same Bryan who carried the Chicago Convention of 1896 off its feet with his “Cross of Gold and Crown of Thorns” speech.
The Supremacy of Christian Ethics 5455

The Supremacy of Christian Ethics

THE work of reformation, also the rehabilitation of a criminal, is one of the most arduous undertakings which can be conceived. To strengthen repressive action, and at the same time to introduce more humanity into the operation of our laws—to sometimes ask for indulgence rather than rigor, without abandoning any of the indispensable guarantees of social order, and of justice—is the paramount principle and practical object of the parole system of Canada.
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