January 1, 1909

Success Romances of Railroad Presidents 2829

Success Romances of Railroad Presidents

ALL the world loves a clean, successful man in business, whether that business be railroading or manufacturing. Accountants and book-keepers will be particularly interested in the career of Frank Trumbull, president of the Colorada Southern and kindred lines.
A Billion Dollar Amusement Business 4445

A Billion Dollar Amusement Business

IN no other branch of American activity is so much money invested as in amusements. In no other business save stock gambling and the biggest kind of a monopoly is money made or lost so quickly. No other business pays such large salaries or such large returns on the capital invested.
The Reward of Virtue 6465

The Reward of Virtue

THIS is a story about my guide, Josef Vezina. He’s a corking guide and a wonder at hunting, and all sorts of a good fellow besides, but he’s a French-Canadian habitant, and that means that he’s blind as a bat to some ideas perfectly evident to us.
Men and Events in the Public Eye 3233

Men and Events in the Public Eye

NO paper is more frequently quoted throughout the world than “The Iron Age,” because its weekly review is regarded as the best authority on the iron situation. It is carefully watched by financiers and all classes of business men. David Williams, New York, the owner of the paper, is an Irishman by birth, and the man who for many years wrote the article that is so regularly quoted was Mr. Hobson, a Canadian.
Constitutionalism in the Factory 122123

Constitutionalism in the Factory

WHILE the economic development of modern times has destroyed feudalism as a form of government and replaced the personal command of the ruler by the impersonal will of the State, that is, of the community, the last few decades again have created ties which bind the workmen in any given factory like a body of subjects to the individual will of the manufacturer.
At the Old Rail Fence 5051

At the Old Rail Fence

IT was the evening of a late June day. A long splash of gray cloud, hanging near the horizon, was edged with gold and lined with fiery crimson. Bye and bye the cloud opened its meshes so that the tardy glories of sunset dropped through and kissed the wide fields of standing grain like a promise.
Advertising and Salesmanship 130131

Advertising and Salesmanship

ADVERTISING is a branch of the science of salesmanship, and to understand its relation to business it is necessary to have a clear idea of salesmanship. Enough space will be used to define salesmanship, but not to discuss it or consider it in any other light or scope than as the parent science of advertising.
Muscular Work, Appetite and Energy 7677

Muscular Work, Appetite and Energy

Reproduced from The Outing Magazine THERE is an odd notion current that man is a kind of vessel, in some compartment of which he has a definite supply of energy; and it is thought to be of vital importance that he conserve this energy as much as possible. We hear constantly such phrases as, “Saving the strength,” and “Wasting the energy.”
Wonders of Manhattan Real Estate 118119

Wonders of Manhattan Real Estate

IF, sixty-five years ago, John Smith, of New York—“Honest John,” who had made a nice little competence “down town”—had put a few of his surplus thousands into Fifth Avenue lots his grandchildren would now be multi-millionaires of Manhattan.
Contents of January Magazines 140141

Contents of January Magazines

The Quality of Woman's Art Achievement. Giles Egerton—Craftsman (Dec.) Alexander’s Decorations in the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg—Scribner's Mag. National Character in Art. Lawrence Binyon— Living Age (Dec. 5). The Art of Lionello Balestrieri.
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