February 1, 1909

Saunders’ Strategy

The Finances of the Past Year

Mortality in Relation to Weight

Saunders’ Strategy 3839

Saunders’ Strategy

PEOPLE said that religion was responsible for Eli Saunders’ undoing. Eli’s idea of being good was to be good and easy, consequently much of his world’s goods had been lost to him through his simple and great heartedness. Eli had always one speech to meet well meant advice.
The Finances of the Past Year 5859

The Finances of the Past Year

THE dawn of the year 1908 was strongly influenced throughout the commercial world by the crisis whose acute phase had hardly passed with the passing of 1907. Although the storm centre was in the United States, every country engaged in international trade was more or less affected at the time, and most of these countries have been even more seriously affected since.
Mortality in Relation to Weight 9697

Mortality in Relation to Weight

UNTIL life insurance came into existence, the proper relation of height to weight and the effect of this relation upon longevity had no commercial significance. The aesthetic standards of physique ranged from the waddling obesities, who are admired by Arabs and adored by Hottentots, to the Greek ideals, as shown in the Apollo Belvedere and the Venus of Melos.
Rules and Regulations No. 17 8889

Rules and Regulations No. 17

THE midnight freight had shunted a cattle-car onto a side track at the little station at Greenfield and gone on without it. This was not in itself an unusual occurrence; but the fact that this same car was billed to a station twenty miles farther on, and that it contained a mixed load comprising ten head of cattle, two mules, seven pigs and several hives of bees, consigned to a farmer who was seeking pastures new, caused station agent Ben Brown much anxiety.
Thomas Cook The Pioneer of Modern Travel 104105

Thomas Cook The Pioneer of Modern Travel

IN one of his letters, written from Paris during the Exhibition year of 1878, the late George Augustus Sala, after referring in terms of high praise to the management of “Cook’s Tours” to the French capital, went on to say: “I think I first met him (Thomas Cook) at Venice in 1866.
Contents of February Magazines 138139

Contents of February Magazines

Travelers and Photography ; How to Secure Good Results. Dudley Kidd—Travel and Exploration. The Amateur Artist. A. M. Mayor—Living Age (Jan. 9). Modern German Art. Christian Brinton—Scribner. Is American Art Captive to the Dead Past ? William L, Price—The Craftsman.


WHEN you enter the little store around the corner to buy a mackerel, a herring, or a halibut steak for your dinner, do you ever stop to think? Naturally you wonder what there is to think about if you have the necessary purchase price in your pocket, and the merchant has in stock the kind of fish you want.


MONTREAL is to have her winter carnival after all despite the protestations of the people, who are inclined to think it will prove detrimental to the country. The ice palace is already under construction and it will be completed by February 5, if the contract is carried out to the letter.
The All-Concrete Dwelling 114115

The All-Concrete Dwelling

THOSE who have always lived in houses built of wood or brick experience a new sensation when they wake in the morning surrounded by a dwelling constructed throughout of concrete. Especially is the feeling novel if the inner walls are left without plaster so that the structure is seen.
The Book of the Month My African Journey* 134135

The Book of the Month My African Journey*

THERE are few people to whom a well-told narrative of travel does not appeal. The “wander lust” is in the blood of us all, and, if it is impossible to cross oceans and penetrate dark continents ourselves, we can at least live for an hour or so in the adventures and experiences of others more fortunate.
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