July 1, 1909

The Simple Adventures of 2112 9293

The Simple Adventures of 2112

IF ONE supposes that Fate every once in a while becomes intolerably bored with the multitude of commonplace affairs she is called on to attend to, the explanation of those extraordinary happenings which everyone occasionally hears of becomes clear; Fate being a woman requires diversions.
How to Develop Executive Power 100101

How to Develop Executive Power

WILL POWER and executive ability are so closely connected that neither of them can be considered alone. While executive ability is the broader term, yet will-power is its foundation. Executive ability rests upon two things: Intellect and will.
Romance of Transportation in Canada 1819

Romance of Transportation in Canada

THE forty-two years that have elapsed since Confederation have been the most eventful in the history of Canada. During that period, what were formerly a series of disjointed provinces or colonies have been consolidated into one Dominion, which has leaped in-to world-wide prominence with almost lightning-like rapidity.
Lost in the Post 4445

Lost in the Post

IT was not the knowledge that the letter was addressed to his wife which first pulled Ainslie up. It was the sudden familiarity of his own name, jumping in upon thousands of others he had seen that night. At first, indeed, his brain, fogged by the long, mechanical hours of sorting, failed to help him.
What Flag Should Canadians Fly? 8687

What Flag Should Canadians Fly?

EVERY Canadian may fly the Union Jack. The question is now settled beyond all dispute. His Majesty himself has said so and he is officially confirmed by a pronouncement in the House of Lords by the Colonial Secretary. Is there a Canadian flag or should the loyal subjects of His Majesty’s Dominion raise the Union Jack?
Lord Hayling’s Infatuation 112113

Lord Hayling’s Infatuation

THE unpretentions envelope, addressed in a precise and feminine hand to Colonel the Honorable Ivo Brough, had been waiting on the green baize board of the Staff Club—vulgarly known as the “Gold Lace”—for three days, and the steward ventured to mention the fact.
Historic Adolphustown 122123

Historic Adolphustown

ADOLPHUSTOWN! What thoughts come flood-like at the sound of the name of this old Ontario village! Dense forest and struggle and effort! Clumsy batteaux laden with weary exiles, whose eyes search the wooded shores for the place of their allotment! Farther back the mind wanders to the terrible winter at Sorel; to the sailing away from New York into the unknown wilderness and yet back the mind goes to the breaking of the terms of the peace treaty between England and the States—the direct cause of the exodus of all those who had fought for and desired the “Unity of the Empire.”
The Hypocrites 7879

The Hypocrites

WE had been married three weeks. Although I expected to be happy, I never dreamed that there could be such a stretch of uninterrupted bliss. I told Richard so that morning, while we were dressing, and I added that it could not last ; something was bound to happen.
Mysteries of the Dead Letter Office 128129

Mysteries of the Dead Letter Office

WHY do letters in Canada go astray? Sometimes the persons supposed to have posted them have not done so. Possibly some forgetful man is carrying letters given him by his wife or daughter in his coat pocket, or mayhap a child has been dispatched to the office with two cents and a letter and the irresponsible offspring has exchanged the coppers for candy and chewing gum instead of a stamp.
The Indiscretion of the Best Man 3435

The Indiscretion of the Best Man

IF the best man had been discreet he never would have taken the maid of honor out to lunch on the very day of the Carr-Herkemer wedding. But the best man was not discreet; the maid of honor was charming; the the lunch was elaborate and protracted.
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