September 1, 1909

Things that Shorten Life

How the Governor-General Earns Salary

Ably Assisted

Things that Shorten Life 8485

Things that Shorten Life

SOME years ago, the Chicago police force boasted a lieutenant named Thomas Beck, whose skill as a detective and whose dauntless courage in the presence of danger never received full recognition from the public or from the department of which he was a member.
How the Governor-General Earns Salary 1819

How the Governor-General Earns Salary

$50,000 a year! Does a GovernorGeneral of Canada earn such a salary? Can he live on it? Those but little acquainted with the functions of a Governor, his daily duties, his obligations, social and otherwise, the demands made upon his time, his hospitality and his purse, will naturally declare offhand that, in a young and by no means wealthy country like Canada, no man, in a purely administrative arena or gubernatorial capacity, is worth anything like this sum of the people’s money.
Ably Assisted 3637

Ably Assisted

"DID you notice that woman in gray, Diana?” Miss Sinclair moved her eyebrows as a polite recognition of the fact that she had been addressed, and continued to read. “The one at the next table who talked all through breakfast ; what do you think is the matter with her, Di?”
Though Dharma Tarry Long 6465

Though Dharma Tarry Long

THE man stood on the brow of the cliff, where the strong seabreeze, blowing saltily imand, ruffled and bent backward the overlapping tiers of juniper and sweet fern. There were many more comfortable spots beneath. Cosy, sequestered nooks, which seemed especially made for idlers in Arcady, many of whom had found their own, if fluttering white caps and glints of scarlet and brown were construed aright.
Scott: A True Merchant Prince 128129

Scott: A True Merchant Prince

IT ISN’T often, is it, that a man going quietly about his own business, without making the slightest attempt for public recognition, has thrust upon him honors plus? Yet that is what happened to Scott— George E. Scott, of Prairie Farm, Barron County, Wisconsin.
Chaperoning Camelia 9293

Chaperoning Camelia

"LONG distance from Rosemere for Mr. Ferrell,” announced the office boy, at the establishment of Bowen, Bowen and Ferrell. Mr. John Blount Ferrell, in the act of struggling into a refractory sleeve, gave a desperate pull, felt and heard a responding rip, and dashed into the telephone box.
Canada and the Drama 9899

Canada and the Drama

BECAUSE it has not a national drama of its own, Canada is dependent for the greater part of its theatrical entertainment upon the bookings that are made in the offices of the New York theatrical managers. Of course, the United States is not to blame for this condition of affairs, it is hardly our fault, and we had believed we had been doing the best we could in sending over our amusements.
Nova Scotia’s Famous Astronomer 108109

Nova Scotia’s Famous Astronomer

AMONG those in all parts of the world whose good opinion is worth having, Simon Newcomb was one of the best known of America’s great men. Astronomer, mathematician, economist, novelist, he had well-nigh boxed the compass of human knowledge, attaining eminence such as is given to few to reach, at more than one of its points.
The Story of My First Success 124125

The Story of My First Success

I REALLY do not know anything of a first success, though I am quite well aware that the people who have been good enough to concern themselves with my work would consider that I ought to regard my Anarctic expedition in that light. And, indeed, I feel that it has been successful, but it was not the work of a moment.
Getting in Out of the Rain 7677

Getting in Out of the Rain

I OPENED my pay-envelope and mechanically pulled out the bills. I knew what they were without running through them. Four fivedollar notes. That had been my Saturday portion for over a year. “John!” came a sudden exclamation beside me as I was about to stuff the thin roll into my pocket.
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