May 1, 1917

The Gun Brand 2223

The Gun Brand

A Romance of the Canadian Northland
Sunshine in Mariposa 1819

Sunshine in Mariposa

A Play in Four Acts
A Canadian Prisoner at Ruhleben 1011

A Canadian Prisoner at Ruhleben

Eighteen'Months .in a German Prison Camp
She Was a Peach ! 3435

She Was a Peach !

WITH complete dissatisfaction Mr. Arbuthnot Shoebottom eyed the gnawed bones that littered the little square of sawdust in which he squatted. There was also a sprinkling of peanut shells a few peach-stones and a bananaskin which a small boy had insisted on dropping into the cage.
The Woman Who Understood 2829

The Woman Who Understood

Author of “The Prairie Wife” “The Anatomy of Love” etc.
Jordan is a Hard Road 3435

Jordan is a Hard Road

Concluding Instalment of this Strong and Stirring Serial
The Artful Forks 3839
Records of Success

The Artful Forks

A BLOOMIN’—the older man paused to give weight to an entirely unprintable adjective— “fool ! That’s what I reckon a chap who takes the trail with the thermometer at anything below forty-five degrees; an’ when he calkilates on toddlin’ along on his lonesome an’ negotiatin’ them Artful Forks—Well-” He let out a blast of profanity that ought certainly to have raised the temperature even in the heart of the Yukon at midwinter.
The Romance of Power Development 2627

The Romance of Power Development

How the Building of the World’s Greatest Dam Typifies Progress in Canada
Canadians in New York 3031

Canadians in New York

CANADIANS in New York! Where are they, you wonder, and where are they to be found? You ask the first American whom you meet, but he appears vague. “Canadians in New York?” he responds, blankly. No, he has never heard of them. For the truth is that the Canadian who has come to New York has been so successful that the New Yorker claims him as his own.
Uncle Sam At War 1415

Uncle Sam At War

AT LAST If ever a nation u t -tered sigh of re lief followed by a cheer of ubilation. that nat is the United States. At 1ast! Those ate the universal words on a1 1ips. Undoubtedly Wi1son's message to Congress deelarii~g that a t:tLe of war exists between the United States and Germany will go down to his tory as one of the noblest utterances of any stateman.
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