June 1, 1917

Sunshine in Mariposa

The Gun Brand

At Lake O’Calling

Sunshine in Mariposa 2223

Sunshine in Mariposa

A Play in Four Acts
The Gun Brand 3839

The Gun Brand

A Story of the Canadian North
At Lake O’Calling 2627

At Lake O’Calling

THE Young Doctor knew; but it took him a long time to find it out beyond peradventure. He was no longer “young” when he discovered that which made tragedy and comedy in one; yet the world still called him what it had always done since the year Askatoon first saw him—the Young Doctor.
The Herald Angel 3233

The Herald Angel

Another “Andy Doolin” Story
June Comes Back 1415

June Comes Back

The Romantic Story of a Mining Magnate and His Pretty Ward
The Man Who Scoffed 2021

The Man Who Scoffed

Who wrote "The Mad Hatter," "The Traditions of the Honorable Algernon," etc.
Putting the “Pep” in Parliament 3637

Putting the “Pep” in Parliament

ONCE upon a time a smart reporter fixed it up with his city editor and the re-write man to do a political campaign in a new way. His plan might be summed up as thrift of production. Let me tell you you more about it, because it has a direct bearing on the methods I am about to suggest for putting the “pep” in Parliament.
Oil in the North 1011

Oil in the North

The Story of Discoveries in North-west Canada
The Awakening of the American Eagle 3031

The Awakening of the American Eagle

How Uncle Sam Can Take His Part in the War
The Success of William T. Dewart 1617

The Success of William T. Dewart

Canadian Who Has Had a Remarkable Career
May 11917 July 11917