August 1, 1917

Mam’selle Butterfly

Win the War in the Air

Twilight Loans His Eyes

Mam’selle Butterfly 1819

Mam’selle Butterfly

IN AN exquisite boudoir in an unusually lovely home, an exquisite and unusually lovely young lady sat before a mirror and with deft fingers added the last touch of powder and the last faint pencilling of the eyelashes before she ventured out for another evening of conquest.
Win the War in the Air 2021

Win the War in the Air

BY THE time these words appear conscription will be passing through the same stage in Canada as it has just passed in the United States. For one year the welkin rang there with Pacifist arguments. “I did not bring my boy up to be a soldier,” “Let people who don’t want to drown keep off the seas,” “Why should we mix ourselves up in European quarrels?”
Twilight Loans His Eyes 3031

Twilight Loans His Eyes

An Unusual and Exciting Detective Story
Frenzied Fiction for the Dog Days 3233

Frenzied Fiction for the Dog Days

THESE are the Dog Days. It is too hot to read. It is too hot even to write. It is almost too hot for the magazine staff to draw their pay. But not quite. Yet at the same time there is a persistent. if artificial, demand for reading matter. The reading public is now betaking itself to the country, to the lakes and to the woods.
The Dangers Ahead 1213

The Dangers Ahead

JUST as they are about closing the August issue the General Manager and the Managing Editor of MACLEAN’S MAGAZINE have come to me with a request that I write one or perhaps a series of articles on the war and the political situation. This invitation is something of a triumph for me.
New Ways of Catching Submarines 4445

New Ways of Catching Submarines

Some American inventions that may be tried out.
The Draft 4041

The Draft

The Story of a Canadian in the American Civil War
Summer Care of Infants and Children 9293

Summer Care of Infants and Children

MUCH may be said of the proper handling of the babies and older children daring the summer months. A few instructions are given below. The one point the writer wishes to emphasize above all others, however, is this—that the infants and children should be placed first, or at least given more consideration when the plans for the summer putings are being made.
Conscription—Behind the Curtain 3637

Conscription—Behind the Curtain

WHEN Premier Borden, some six weeks ago, his chin up and his head bumping the stars, announced that Canada would do her whole duty by the men at the front and that there would be Selective Conscription for the Last Hundred Thousand, he launched a crisis which for high flight and sustained vigor has never been equalled in the annals of the Canadian Parliament.
Germany Will Not Attack 4647

Germany Will Not Attack

A Theory Dosed on the Attitude of the Enemy This Year.
The Captain of the Susan Drew 3637

The Captain of the Susan Drew

A Story of the Sea in Two Parts
Labor and Capital---and Lloyd George 5051

Labor and Capital---and Lloyd George

What Stand Will the British Premier Take After the War?
The Wizard of the Kitchen 4849

The Wizard of the Kitchen

A Sketch of a Famous French Chef.
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