October 1, 1918

The Strange Adventure of the Panama Gold Chests 3637

The Strange Adventure of the Panama Gold Chests

IT is one of life’s little ironies, I suppose, that man’s surest escape from misery should be through the contemplation of people more miserable than himself. Such, however, happens to be the case. And prompted by this genial cross between a stoic and cynic philosophy, I had formed the habit of periodically submerging myself in a bath of cleansing depravity.
The Life of Mary Pickford 1819

The Life of Mary Pickford

Part II. — The More Intimate Mary Pickford
Behind the Wall 1415

Behind the Wall

DEAR DEAN,—Your rare intuitive ability aided by the Canadian press will have advised you of the fact that I have been plucked—not feloniously relieved of money, you know —but gathered by the military authorities from the sacred precincts of the bank, as Professor Emery used to gather speciments of flora when he conducted our “nature tramps” many years ago.
The Three Sapphires 2829

The Three Sapphires

A Story of Mystery and War Intrigue
Precipitate Peggy 2223

Precipitate Peggy

A Story of War and Golf— and Other Things
The Magic Makers 4243

The Magic Makers

OF the eight pursuers four had somersaulted over the snow and lay stiffening in the gripping frost, but still remained the others, young dog wolves all, sound in wind and limb, mad with indescribable ferocity. So closely did they draw that of the three white men there was but Jock whose nerve and eye were swift enough to shoot.
An Underground Tank 2627

An Underground Tank

BINGY walked into the dugout, soaking wet. “Dirty night in the trenches,” he growled. I knew something must be wrong with him. He was not smiling. “What’s the matter?” I inquired. “That d-d sniper’s got five men in the last hour. You can’t get by in Canada street without crawling on your stomach—and it’s such a beastly undignified way to go around!”
Asquith Was Forced to Enter War 6061

Asquith Was Forced to Enter War

Unionist Editor Tells How Leaders of British Opposition Exerted Pressure on Cabinet in 1914 and Saved the Situation.
The Four Factions at Ottawa 3233

The Four Factions at Ottawa

A Review of the Political Possibilities
Strange New Change in Woman’s World 4041

Strange New Change in Woman’s World

ASTRANGE new change is coming in woman’s world, such a strange new change and so silent and unobtrusive, that you and I, who marched in the vanguard of progress yesterday, will waken up to find ourselves sitting on the roadside, while the tail of a comet whips past ushering a new world into space.
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