March 1, 1926

The Golden Scarab

Not Always to the Strong


The Golden Scarab 2021

The Golden Scarab

PULSES beating wildly, Addison Kent-watched the movement of the pencil in the girl’s hand. So intent were the two in the room on the sketch she was drawing that he began to wonder again if he could raise the window without being detected. But, no, the big man was turning toward him. Any further move would be fatal.
Not Always to the Strong 1617

Not Always to the Strong

THE Chevalier de Brouillan shook his head. “I regret, M. Bientot, that the frigate sailed but yesterday. You must have passed her in the Bay on your way from St. Jean.” “We passed no ship, Excellency,” replied M. Bientot, a short, thick-set man past middle age, a merchant of France who had come to Acadie to look after his trading concessions.


JOHNNY FEE and Pete Malone jogged along the pair of wheel-tracks which passed for a trail from Big Sandy to points east and south. They had been in town. They had looked on the wine when it was red. They had played a little poker. Now they were headed for the Cross Seven round-up, lying inactive on a creek below the home ranch.
Customs’ House-Cleaning Imperative —No Matter Whose Head Comes Off! 2425

Customs’ House-Cleaning Imperative —No Matter Whose Head Comes Off!

IF THE Stevens Customs House Inquiry, now in session at Ottawa, be conducted fearlessly, seeking only truth, unhampered by political, official or personal restrictions, many hitherto spotless reputations will be besmirched; both political parties may become tainted; salient Ottawa and Montreal figures should slink into disgraceful retirement; the customs department will receive drastic purging—and a now-tottering Government can scarcely hope to escape a crash.
Two Hundred Dollars Reward 1011

Two Hundred Dollars Reward

CHATVILLE EAST’S champion boxer, Mr. Homer Hudson, and Constable Len Ballister, sat side by side on a grassy bank beneath a spreading willow. Homer’s white derby, crown up, yawned mendicantly at the summer sky. Its owner, his lips moving inaudibly, fingered a pair of bone dice as ruefully he watched his lank companion stow away several crisp dollar notes which had recently reposed in a pocket of his own checked suit.
Will U.S. Cash Cripple Our Hockey? 1213

Will U.S. Cash Cripple Our Hockey?

SIT down, you fight fans! Fade out, you baseball bleacherites! Back water, you aquatic eggs! But, sit up, you hockey fans! Polish the old cheaters and have a spier at what is happening in the grand and glorious game of professional hockey these bright days.
Wheat—and a Titans’ Battle 89

Wheat—and a Titans’ Battle

WESTERN CANADA —the granary of an Empire— is to-day in the throes of a battle between giants and the issue is —wheat, the control of wheat. One hundred thousand Canadian farmers, banded together in an agricultural association of unprecedented proportions, have thrown down the gauntlet to one of the most powerful vested interests in their country— the organized grain trade.
Goosie, Goosie, Gander! —at Home at Miner’s 1819

Goosie, Goosie, Gander! —at Home at Miner’s

IT ISN’T everyone who knows Jack Miner, of Ontario, but there are hundreds of thousands who know of him. Jack is a product of North America, as are his friends, the Canada goose, the canvasback duck, and the whistler swan. Like his work, he does not belong just to Canada, but to North America, and the value of his great work for conservation is appreciated at Washington, as it is at Ottawa.
Over the Trail from Dawson to Ottawa 6667
Women and their Work

Over the Trail from Dawson to Ottawa

THE last Federal election in the Yukon lacked the usual spice of joint meetings held by the two candidates, but what it lacked in excitement it made up in novelty—at least for the present member for that constituency and the writer. After a practically continuous residence in the Yukon of more than a quarter of a century it was novel as well as amusing, to have a paper of the political persuasion opposite to ours come out with the slogan: “We want a Yukoner for Yukon,” when the man it was supporting had for many years gone to the middle west each year to look after his ranching interests.
Government by Stagnation 2223

Government by Stagnation

GOVERNMENT of the people by twenty-four Progressives, plus Messrs. Woodsworth, Bourassa and Heaps, drags on in noisy futility. Last year Mr. Meighen complained that the House had been sitting two months to change the name of an apple. This year it has been sitting some six weeks without even such modest achievement.
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