January 1, 1927

The Klootch Girl

Government Service—and You

Just to be Sure

The Klootch Girl 1819

The Klootch Girl

The story of Timel-soo and the man who tried to harden his heart

Government Service—and You 67

Government Service—and You


Just to be Sure 1617

Just to be Sure

Merely three men and a maid, and a masterful motorist

The Stick of Candy 45

The Stick of Candy

Fellows: A fool, a drunkard, and a worthless dog
Conscience Money 1213

Conscience Money

Wherein poetic justice is dispensed
My Friend, Jean Baptiste 1415

My Friend, Jean Baptiste

The Quebecois is taking a foremost place in the Van of Canadian Progress
One Seat—Fifteen Bucks 89

One Seat—Fifteen Bucks

A new angle on the triangle play as applied to the science of hockey
Varying the Menu With Mexican Dishes 5253
Women and their Work

Varying the Menu With Mexican Dishes

Touches of Indian, Spanish and French culinary art are found in the cookery of Mexico
National Stock-taking Finds Business World Optimistic 6061

National Stock-taking Finds Business World Optimistic

IT IS time for a national stock-taking again. If New Year’s day serves no other particular purpose, it may, at least, be turned to good effect in reviewing our national, as well as our individual, position. In other words, what have we accomplished in 1926, and what may we look forward to for 1927?
Indoor Gardening 5657
Home Beautiful

Indoor Gardening

The appropriate plant adds to the charm of any interior
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