February 15, 1927

In His Own Interest


The Splendid Silence

In His Own Interest 23

In His Own Interest

JOHN GRAY watched the bent, retreating back with a sudden, poignant regret. It seemed only yesterday since Stephen Hardy had come stamping into the office, a picture of dynamic energy, for all his greying hair, his heavy cane making a great clatter on the floor.
SMOKY 1415


THE village of Dunder Falls was arranged so that it furnished a spacious setting for Smoky when he chose to make one of his regal marches. A common cat would have slunk nervously across the road, and by devious ways, but when Smoky wanted to go, he walked with deliberate dignity where all men and dogs might see him if they cared to look.
The Splendid Silence 1819

The Splendid Silence

The story so far: Duncan Seymour, son of Rodney Seymour, of the Moat House, Sussex, England—old Oxonian and London man-about town—learns that his father is to be married for the second time. He does not meet his stepmother, Marian, until she is installed as mistress in his father’s house.

Aboard for Hudson’s Bay! 67

Aboard for Hudson’s Bay!

HUDSON’S BAY RAILWAY are familiar words in the vocabulary of the average Canadian, and there is no single project throughout this broad land, upon which more people speak with authority, albeit their own. It was rather surprising therefore, to find very little really reliable information available, when formulating plans to visit this northern way and it took weeks to evolve a very sketchy itinerary.


THE bare, brown mountains to which the Khyber Pass deploys at its western end, quivered to the eye in the morning heat; the jagged peaks etched perfectly against the pitiless turquoise of the Indian sky. An age-old trail wound round the last grim bluff to join the great Pass Road, along which caravans have come to Peshawar from Kandahar and Samarkand since the glamorous days of Jehangir.
Mister Speaker! 1011

Mister Speaker!

FRENCH CANADA has given to the nation few more distinguished sons than Honorable Rodolphe Lemieux, K.C., M.P., LL.D., F.R.S.C., whose recent re-election to the speakership of the House of Commons set a record. He is the first commoner since Confederation to be appointed to this exalted office by three parliaments.
Sleuths of Foreign Sales 1213

Sleuths of Foreign Sales

BECAUSE the water in Holland contains too many chemicals, the hair of a cow in a Canadian field may take a sea voyage to the Netherlands. Over the mountains and through the steaming jungles of far-away Sumatra there are few railroads, but a fair number of highways.
Morsels of Chance 1011

Morsels of Chance

IN SEPTEMBER, the small alders had made a leafy tunnel over the creek, out of whose mouth the foamspeckled water had coiled provocatively into the lake. But, now, the lake was frozen and, in contrast to the monotonous white of winter, the water had blackened to a heavy tongue which licked with futile persistence the tinkling edges of the ice.
Long Talks on Short Waves 1617

Long Talks on Short Waves

SEATED at a table on which was ranged a varied assortment of instruments sat a young Calgarian. Ear-phones were on his head, and the expression on his face made known to all the world that he was listening to something very interesting. To the uninitiated it would have meant nothing; to him the dots and dashes unreeled themselves into a readable tale and this is what they told:
Puddings: Staple and Novel 5657
Women and their Work

Puddings: Staple and Novel

THE housewife who has to do all, or most, of her own work is apt to give way to temptation and feed her family on light and quickly-made sweet courses, instead of giving them the old-fashioned but more sustaining puddings. Certainly, it is infinitely less trouble to serve up some canned fruit or sliced fresh fruit with cookies or cake, than to set to work and make substantial steamed puddings; on the other hand, all children, and nearly all men, much prefer the more solid form of nourishment, and many do not feel that they have had a proper dinner unless a good pudding follows the meat course.
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