April 15, 1927

The Splendid Silence 1819

The Splendid Silence

IT WAS very quiet and lovely on the foothills behind Camp Number One, and even Wragge’s practical brain yielded to the spell. They had dined under the great trees beside a camp fire where presided the best cook in the employ of the Cartright Estate.

The Sabbatical Year 23

The Sabbatical Year

HIS feet were sore from the chafing of snowshoe thongs, his legs ached from the unaccustomed burden of the heavy webs, his entire body was stiff and weary from the exertion of dragging a loaded toboggan, and yet Lewis Barr was thoroughly contented and happy.
Shall Titles Be Restored? 67

Shall Titles Be Restored?

THE English are not alone in loving a lord and adoring a duke. Walking down the Haymarket, a New York Democrat and I met an average-sized, average-dressed, average-looking man, of whom I said after we passed: “Did you notice that man? He is the Duke of Argyle.”
Billie Finds the Answer 1011

Billie Finds the Answer

NOW, as all the world knows, there are places in London where a beneficent County Council permits a man to leave his motor-car for a period of time which renders the concession absolutely futile. In fact, the number of people who have had the last act of a play ruined by the haunting fear of going to prison for overstaying the time-limit has never been accurately ascertained.
The Fighting Pioneer 1617

The Fighting Pioneer

THE old man came down from the cabin, got into his battered skiff and pushed off to row across the narrow stretch where the shores of Goat Lake converged to form the outlet channel leading to the falls. The shadows of the Pacific Coast maples behind the beaches ahead were stretching across the water like cool fingers and already the conifers cloaking the west side of the valley held a suggestion of the purple haze which sunset releases.
Chauncey Hannaford’s Wife 1213

Chauncey Hannaford’s Wife

WHEN Chauncey Hannaford announced his engagement to Bess Pelley, his mother conceived a passionate resentment, composed of equal parts of mother-love, the thwarted sex-instinct of virtuous widowhood, jealousy and a vast selfishness that was innate in her.
Essentials of Home Nursing 7677
Women and their Work

Essentials of Home Nursing

PREVENTION is now the keynote of all health administration. Public precautions, however, cannot attain to the acme of endeavor, until the hearty co-operation of mothers and homemakers is assured. It is vastly important, therefore, to familiarize oneself with the principles of personal and household hygiene, and public sanitation, and honestly endeavor to put those principles into practice in the home.
He’s a Premier at Forty-two 89

He’s a Premier at Forty-two

IT TAKES a good skipper to determine the flood of that elusive tide in the affairs of men of which the poet spoke, but it takes a better one, a man well versed in the art of navigation and a man possessing more than a usual amount of natural sagacity, to safely follow the tortuous course that leads on to fortune.
He Put the Gospel Into Gramalogues 1213

He Put the Gospel Into Gramalogues

AGES ago a savage, gifted with imagination, smeared the smooth side of a granite boulder with red ochre mixed with grease. Then, using a stick for a brush, he drew the outline of a tree. It delighted him, and his fellow tribesmen looked on in wonderment.

Ottawa Leads a Double Life 1819

Ottawa Leads a Double Life

THE capital of this country is an incomparable stage setting. A city of towers, high above a mighty river, with a background of ageless hills, it cries aloud for great drama, for combat, for pageantry and chivalry. In the high vaulted corridors and gilded chambers of parliament one expects gallant gentlemen, figures in the heroic mold, leaders of men commanding undying loyalties.
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