May 15, 1927

The Sabbatical Year 2021

The Sabbatical Year

Zeusie and Jimmie have found the mysterious gold! It isn't gold! It is! And so, this stirring tale moves on to an astounding climax
The Meanest of His Creatures 89

The Meanest of His Creatures

His deep laid plot had made provision for every possible factor, save one—love
Can We Stem the Exodus? 23

Can We Stem the Exodus?

A frank analysis of the trek southward of Made-in-Canada brains and manpower
My Year in a Reformatory 1213

My Year in a Reformatory

WAITING one mid-day at the main gate for the arrival of the guard who would pass me out, my attention was drawn to a very disconsolate-looking, rather elderly man who was sitting on the foot of a bed, looking about him very wistfully. I sat down beside him and enquired as to the reason for his distress, thinking that he was perhaps unwell, or had had bad news from the outside.
Svea Meets a Rebel 45

Svea Meets a Rebel

Said the radical: "You're a wage slave." Said Svea: "You're dizzy in the head."
Some Horse Sentiments 67

Some Horse Sentiments

Each year Francis Nelson judges millions of dollars' worth of racing horseflesh
The Donkey that Did 1415

The Donkey that Did

Old she was, disreputable she was, but Timothy loved his battered with a love surpassing the love of women
Merely a Matter of Diet 1011

Merely a Matter of Diet

An aspiring young gladiator discovers the uses of vitamines and calories
Certified Correct 1617

Certified Correct

Every time a Canadian buys, by weight or measure, the Department of Trade and Commerce looks over his shoulder to see that he gets his money's worth
Secrets of Chinese Cookery 7475
Women and their Work

Secrets of Chinese Cookery

Have you ever wondered how the bland Celestials make those delicious dishes served in Chinese Here are the recipes
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