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THE STORY SO FAR: In the peaceful Cape Breton village of Arichat is an old house, reputed to be haunted, and once occupied by a descendant of Andrea Ferrara, the famous Toledo swordsmith, and a man who had rifled of their treasures the cathedrals of the cities of the South Seas.
Upward to Nationhood 1415

Upward to Nationhood

THERE is one thing peculiar about our position. There is no other instance on record of a colony peacefully remodelling its own constitution; such changes have always been the work of the parent state and not of the colonists themselves. Canada is rightly setting the example of a new and better state of things.’
The Path of True Love 1819

The Path of True Love

THAT ridiculous youth, Gilbert du Pre—though I assure you, messieurs, one would not so have characterized him in his hearing at that time, he being but nineteen with a hand that fell readily to his sword-hilt—stood beneath the high balcony of Sieur Edouard St. Clare’s house in Port Royal, singing of Lady Fair, That he was no singer anyone could have told who listened to him that June night in the year of our Lord 1697, and yet two things saved his song; the flamboyant accompaniment which he played upon his lute, and a certain ironic tenderness in his voice.
The Passing Glory 67

The Passing Glory

IN THE Republic to the south, Nova Scotians or Bluenoses, are noted for a number of things, their codfish, pretty girls and college professors. In Nova Scotia, a Nova Scotian is noted on account of one, or both, of two things, his politics and his religion.
The Verdict of the Storm 2223

The Verdict of the Storm

IN THE dingy little office of Gilpent and Hudson, Great Lakes shippers, a stocky, red-faced skipper— in stature, resembling much a snubbing-post— confronted two ferret-eyed old partners. The sailor stood before a railing which separated him from the two men seated at their respective desks.
Canada Re-Discovered 23

Canada Re-Discovered

AN ENTERPRISING sailor, named Jacques Cartier, is said to have discovered Canada. So history records. But we have it on the authority of Henry Ford that history is ‘bunk’. And in this particular case Henry is right. Cartier discovered a commodious bay on the Gaspé coast.
Canadian Sport in '67 3031

Canadian Sport in '67

ON A bright Wednesday afternoon in the fading summer of 1867, nearly five thousand men, women and children forsook offices, homes and schools, and gathered on the green sward of the Toronto Lacrosse Club grounds to witness an eventful lacrosse match between the Six Nations Indians, from Onondaga, and the players of the home club.
Maintenance of Way 1011

Maintenance of Way

IN THAT mountainous country west of Edmonton and the Rockies, where, cupped in a huge valley, stood the freight-divisional point of Bechako, the hghest peaks were still heavily snow-capped, although on the dark, fir-clothed mountain-sides winter was loosening his ley grip.
This Home of Freedom 89

This Home of Freedom

IS IT treason to say that, much as I love to gaze upon the picture of the Fathers of Confederation, sitting in the big-windowed room at Quebec, sixty-three years ago, the most inspiring thing about the sight is that it produces a comparison with pictures of the Versailles Conference of 1919.
Pioneers of the Foothills 8283
Women and their Work

Pioneers of the Foothills

To-day, Mrs. McDougall lives in woman, who bears lightly the marks days of the West, days that were filled with hard work, yet contentment, a life work shadowed only by the deep grief of losing her companion, partner, and husband, ten years ago.
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