July 15, 1927



THE STORY SO FAR—Arichat—one of the most peaceful villages on the North American Continent— suddenly is plunged into a fever of excitement when a gold doubloon from the Ferrara hoard appears in the village. Sprott Gabereau erstwhile sealing-pirate has, in days gone by, obtained possession of a chart-case containing what he believes to be a map showing the whereabouts of the fabled treasure.
The Trimmer of the Ispahan 89

The Trimmer of the Ispahan

THE waterfront drew him as a magnet, and he walked slowly down through narrow, sun-patterned streets, sidestepping rikshas and sedan chairs, and gazing with incurious eyes at swarming native shops. He paused, now and then, with practised whine, to cadge a coin from well-fed tourists, posing as a seaman in distress, then promptly spent the proceeds for strangling native whisky.
Can We Stem the Exodus? 1415

Can We Stem the Exodus?

IN THE preceding article of this series, it was stated that Canada is educating relatively the same proportion of her population in colleges and universities as is the United States. According to the official figures, the Dominion is training university and college students on the basis of one in every 175 of the population while the United States is training one in ever 176.
In the Role of God 67

In the Role of God

THERE was something horribly sinister about those iron faces that grinned from the middle of the great high gates—something diabolical and triumphant in their expression. Inside these gates lived the man who had brought complete ruin and disaster to the three partners who now stood hesitating outside, afraid to enter.
Industry Tames a Torrent 23

Industry Tames a Torrent

THE Indians call the Saguenay, the River of Death. The Jesuits, who give us that translation of the word, offer no suggestion as to why the natives called it that. Possibly the blue-black waters of the lower Saguenay, hemmed-in by giant cliffs, and bubbling with currents that rise from great depths, roused some vague fear in the superstitious minds of the Indians.
Apple Blossoms 1213

Apple Blossoms

AT LAST the close timber trail pointed to a break ahead. Bartram Herald quickened his flagging steps, collected his straying thoughts. Now for business, short, sharp—to oust that fellow whom he had allowed through pure indifference to live all these years on the land, a quick sale of the timber, then the shortest route back to Montreal, to the gang, to Maxine.
Lone Clearing 1617

Lone Clearing

SPRING came late that year to the upper Ottanoonsis but it came then with a rush of penitential ardor, and the valley throbbed into life. All about the rock-strewn acres of Lone Clearing the sparse and weedy grass was dotted with blue violets.
In the Prince’s Wake 1011

In the Prince’s Wake

ANNOUNCEMENT that the Prince of Wales will sail at the end of July for a brief official visit to Canada must have quickened the pulse of many a newspaper man on this continent. When the Prince paid his last visit to this continent, the affair generally was known as the Battle of Long Island.
Fifty Years an Editor 1617

Fifty Years an Editor

THERE are three occasions when the Haligonian looks at his timepiece with a critical eye, whether the watch be a dollar one or an ancient and trusted importation of his great-grandfather. One is when the citadel gun booms forth at noon. Another is when the same gun booms His Majesty’s curfewatnine-thirty.
What Should One Look for in Appraising an Investment? 6061

What Should One Look for in Appraising an Investment?

WHEN an investor is seeking a suitable medium by which he may profitably employ some idle funds be will, if he is prudent and conservative, consult an authority on investment matters before making a commitment. He will be told that this or that security is a safe investment; that another group is speculative and that still another is highly speculative.
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