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Calling Bugles



THE STORY SO FAR—Arichat—one of the most peaceful villages on the North American Continent— suddenly is plunged into a fever of excitement when a gold doubloon from the Ferrara hoard appears in the village. Sprott Gabereau, erstwhile sealing-pirate, had, in days gone by, obtained possession of a chart-case containing what he believes to be a map showing the whereabouts of the fabled treasure.
September 1617


AS PuBIUS MARSH himself said afterwards, for, despite his innate timidity, he was not without a certain sense of humor: “There it was staring you in the face like a museum mummy, beyond life or hope!” All wrapped up, as you might say, and nowhere to go.
Calling Bugles 23

Calling Bugles

CAPTAIN GEOFFREY TOLLEMACHE polished his patent leather shoes with a discarded woolen sock, and then proceeded to whisk some stray particles of lint from his old-fashioned morning coat. After a brief contemplation of the mirror shine on each sleeve, he plunged his hand into a trouser pocket and brought out a collection of coins which he laid with slightly tremulous fingers on the dresser.
Bringing Home the Sheaves 1415

Bringing Home the Sheaves

“ ’AVE one?” The questioned twitched a handkerchief from his cuff, shifted the crook of a walkin stick from one arm to the other; coughed. “Frightfully good of you. Yes, a beer! I think I ought to tell you though, that I can’t return it this morning.
Bulldog Carney’s Remuda 1011

Bulldog Carney’s Remuda

BLLLDOG CARNEY did not know this ford on the Kootenay River, so he let wise old Pat have the rein. The buckskin, nose close to the turbulent water, had twisted up stream in a sinuous curve guided almost by the sensitive reading of his hoofs. But now, a hundred yards short of the farther shore, his belly was awash, and he stopped, half turning his lean beautiful head, asking advice.
We Must Be Kind to Marcia 67

We Must Be Kind to Marcia

CLEARLY there was nothing against Michael Donovan, personally. He had, the Dexter family agreed, a most engaging personality, the pity of it being that penniless civil engineers should ever have engaging personalities, so as to entrap young, soft, sentimental things like Marcia.
The Little Things 89

The Little Things

WHEN the s.s. Bokhara stopped in mid-ocean for the eighth time in three days it pushed a notch higher, a perceptible distance closer to breaking point, the nervous tension of her crew. The Old Man, looking like a parson in his black, wideawake hat and pongee coat, carefully laid his paint brush on the gunwale of the quarter-boat and stood at the head of the lower bridge ladder, waiting.
Decorating Your Own China 6061
Women and their Work

Decorating Your Own China

MANY people believe that china painting requires a great deal of talent. As a matter of fact the style that is in vogue today can be successfully carried out by anyone having the inclination and the time. A fascinating pastime, china painting may awake undreamed of talents.
‘Safe’ Earning Power of Dollar Is Fixed Within Certain Limits 6869

‘Safe’ Earning Power of Dollar Is Fixed Within Certain Limits

THE primary consideration in the investment of money is safety, To obtain safety it is necessary to pay for it, just as one must pay for anything that is worth having. Contrary to standard practices in the purchase of a commodity or any desirable service, the acquisition of safety in an investment does not involve any cash outlay.
Canadian Woods for Canadian Homes 6465
Home Beautiful

Canadian Woods for Canadian Homes

THE subject of Canadian woods in interior finishing and furniture manufacture, is an intensely important as well as interesting one from the point of view of the builder or home-owner, and one on which more widespread knowledge would be of use.
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