September 15, 1927

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

"Fairy Kist"

Hills Far Away

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy 1819

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

Was the destruction of the gloomy house in Starvel Hollow murder and arson? Or was it ghostly accident? Inspector French found this riddle the most baffling problem of his career
"Fairy Kist" 89

"Fairy Kist"

In which a murder mystery affords a doctor an opportunity of removing a terrifying war-born hallucination
Hills Far Away 1213

Hills Far Away

Plinkey could sense beauty in the Selkirks but it took something approaching an avalanche to open his eyes to the beauty that was Mary
Five Cents for Luck 23

Five Cents for Luck

The story that won the $500 first prize in MacLean’s short story contest
Cheating ‘The Graveyard’ 67

Cheating ‘The Graveyard’

Thanks to science, Canada's Pacific gateway no longer is a mariner's nightmare
Can We Stem the Exodus? 1415

Can We Stem the Exodus?

MacLean's readers discuss the pros and cons of the argument concerning the need for a national effort to keep Canadian brains in Canada
Voila! Mederic! 1415

Voila! Mederic!

A close-up of the joyful giant whose life job is to be Mayor of Montreal
Pekan, the Black Killer 1617

Pekan, the Black Killer

Even the most bloodthirsty rascal of the forest welcomes the Great Truce
The Camp Cook 1011

The Camp Cook

Out in the wide open spaces, where men are men, the camp cook is a superman
The Investor’s Survey of Canadian Industry 8081

The Investor’s Survey of Canadian Industry

MANY Canadian investors have enjoyed a profitable investment experience in that important group of industries engaged in the manufacture and distribution of food commodities of various kinds. Of late years a tendency has been in evidence toward centralization and consolidation in this particular field, and the balance sheets have almost invariably reflected the benefits arising out of the inherent advantage that a large scale enterprise, properly managed, has over the small, one-horse concern.
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