October 1, 1927

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy 1819

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

Newspapers instead of banknotes! It could have only one meaning—black murder
The Outlaw of Port Royal 1213

The Outlaw of Port Royal

‘Name of a Cocteau as Cocteau would have said, this swaggering outlaw, le Loup, exacted a sharp quittance


The surge of the sea at flood; a night of black despair—and dawn triumphant
So This Is the Wilderness! 67

So This Is the Wilderness!

RECENTLY there was well-defined movement on foot to shanghai a selected group of writers and imprison them in a Pullman car. Once safely stowed away, they were to be carried into the great north, there to live and learn. This, at least, was the general scheme, as outlined in the lobby of a Sudbury hotel by an exasperated citizen of Iroquois Falls, Ontario.
Alouette 23


The story that won the $250 second prize in MacLean's short story contest
Who’s Who in ‘Who’s Who’ 1819

Who’s Who in ‘Who’s Who’

Emigration to the United States is costing Canada far too many of her ‘best brains’
Lady in the Lake 89

Lady in the Lake

As a suicide Miss Susan was not a howling success but—she had her points
'Un Spectacle Immense’ 1415

'Un Spectacle Immense’

Quebec its has its Passion Play—the only spectacle of its on the continent
Brains and Nerve—Plus! 1011

Brains and Nerve—Plus!

1907—W. H.Coverdale dines on peanuts and an apple; 1909—he earns $100,000 a year; 1927—one of the highest paid executives in Canada
Metal Work as a Handicraft 7879
Women and their Work

Metal Work as a Handicraft

Many women are finding the art of metal design both pleasant and profitable
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