October 15, 1927

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

The Mountain Decides

Good Friday

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy 1819

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

Another gripping chapter of one of the most baffling detective stories of the year
The Mountain Decides 1213

The Mountain Decides

Grim Nature weighs a man's great love against his paralyzing fear
Good Friday 23

Good Friday

The story that won one of the $125 prizes in MacLean's short story contest
Ausonia Stands By 1617

Ausonia Stands By

A wayward sister, a Bolshevik father and a stuttering lover had Aussie—but she managed to manage them all—most of the time
“Fish A-h-ea--d!” 67

“Fish A-h-ea--d!”

Riding the roughest seas and the backs of whales are mere incidents in the lives of these Bluenoses who fish only in the dark o' the moon


It was a toss-up—the river or Pine Street—and his Alma Mater flipped the coin
The Princess Who Was Cross Before Breakfast 1011

The Princess Who Was Cross Before Breakfast

A fairy story for children aged eight to eighty
Our Hundred-to-One Handicap 1819

Our Hundred-to-One Handicap

One hundred United States trade agents are constantly ‘selling' the United States in Canada. One lone Canadian has to cover the whole of the U.S. Why?
Canada's First Carilloneur 1415

Canada's First Carilloneur

Still in his early twenties, Frank Price is the pioneer bell ringer of America
Yes, I’d Go Back to College 1011

Yes, I’d Go Back to College

Says the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway : “The college slant is a great thing in business —and great stuff for anybody’s youngster"
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