November 1, 1927

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

Women and their Work

Schools for the Home-Maker

Bread and Nell Jenkins

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy 1819

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

In which an empty grave yields silent but eloquent proof of murder
Schools for the Home-Maker 8283
Women and their Work

Schools for the Home-Maker

Macdonald Institute is designed to suit the needs of the girl from the farm home
Bread and Nell Jenkins 67

Bread and Nell Jenkins

‘You teachers have to be awful careful or the whole district’ll be down on your neck'
The Root-House 23

The Root-House

The story that won one of the $125 prizes in MacLean's short story contest
On the Companionway 1617

On the Companionway

She couldn't understand a man who, himself guiltless, willingly endured prison—and yet she still loved him
The Movie Gesture 89

The Movie Gesture

Spud made Miles a movie hero but it was Gloria who found him the role he craved


Some day the world will give the Armistice its place among the miracles
Penetrating Terra Nova’s Fog 1415

Penetrating Terra Nova’s Fog

Why is Newfoundland as much of a mystery to the Canadian as Nyassaland?
MacLean Always Comes Through 1011

MacLean Always Comes Through

Farm boy, school teacher, country doctor, holder cabinet portfolios —such were the stages in a career that made J. D. MacLean premier of B. C.
Our Radio Trouble Hunters 1819

Our Radio Trouble Hunters

The story of the radio sleuths’ campaign to make the air safe for listeners'in
A Bisley Bullseye for Canada 1011

A Bisley Bullseye for Canada

In which a former winner of the King’s Prize explains why Canadian riflemen have been able to make phenomenal wins at Pisley
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