December 1, 1927

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

Cupid Laughs

By Right of Seizure

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy 1819

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

Forty wedding rings on a cord! A strange clue with which to identify a murderer
Cupid Laughs 89

Cupid Laughs

THE roses were pink and full blown, tied with luxurious silver ribbons. Jennifer regarded them with a small and perplexed frown. The frown, need it be said, was not for the roses, since who would frown upon roses in June, but for the name scrawled across the card.
By Right of Seizure 45

By Right of Seizure

A scamp, that Vicente, but of a truth he knew the way to the heart of a woman
Noblesse Oblige 1213

Noblesse Oblige

A wastrel, this Barbeau, but still capable of making his beau geste
A South for Our North 1011

A South for Our North

The potential trade between Canada and the West Indies is estimated at $300,000,000 a year. In 1926 it was $32,000,000. Do we want the rest of it?
The Odds Are On the Train 23

The Odds Are On the Train

An Engine Driver tells his side of the Level Crossing Suicide Club Story


A jab to the ribs—that’s hockey; but a jab to the heart—that’s different
Cayuses and Chukkers 1415

Cayuses and Chukkers

Polo a millionaire’s sport? Cut! In the West it is less expensive than golf
The Crime of Wheat Growing 3233

The Crime of Wheat Growing

IN YOUR issue of September 15, J. K. MacKenzie, under the arresting title, ‘The Crime of Wheat Growing’ has undertaken to espouse the cause of the wheat grower in Western Canada in open opposition to those who are or have been favorable to other forms of agriculture.
Some Simple Safety Tests for Real Estate Bonds 8485

Some Simple Safety Tests for Real Estate Bonds

THE average Canadian citizen is more or less familiar with that type of security designated as a first mortgage on real estate. If he is a property owner the chances are a hundred to one that he is struggling to meet interest and principal payments as they fall due at regular intervals.
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