December 15, 1927

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy 2021

The Starvel Hollow Tragedy

WHO was this mysterious individual, this darkhaired man with moustache and glasses, bu Roper! Roper it was who had been going about buying wedding rings, and Roper it was who naturally found that he must get rid of such incriminating purchases at the earliest possible moment.


YOU best wait for me in the motor-car, Mary Ellen,” said Mrs. Morton, as she wiped the last of the lamp chimneys and set it at the end of the shining row on the old walnut table. “I’ll just be a minute longer, but there's a couple of things I can do better alone, if you don’t mind...”


IT WAS not the first time that Avery Patterson had walked eagerly down this tree-lined street, his destination the home of a girl who had no equal. It might have been the hundredth time. But it was the first time he was the bearer of such extraordinarily good news.
High Hat Hockey 45

High Hat Hockey

HOCKEY, which began its career as a rough and ready game played by small boys on home-made skating rinks in a thousand Canadian vacant lots, and grew up to be Canada’s national pastime, is Big Business, now. With the opening of the season which began on November 15th, the structure, which has been growing during the last three seasons, so rapidly as to make Jack’s celebrated Beanstalk look like a century plant, was complete.
Macaulay Magic 67

Macaulay Magic

ABOUT forty-five summers ago, all Montreal was agog over a battle in its small financial world. The Montreal of that day was about the size of the present city of Ottawa. Its commercial and social life was dominated by a few families and the repercussions of its business operations were felt in every part of the city.
How Felicity Found Christmas 1819

How Felicity Found Christmas

LONG ago, on a plateau in the midst of the Sunset Mountains, there stood the walled city of Zirconia. Surrounded by lofty crags, it was much cut off from the world, but there were rumors that once a broad road had led down to tbe Plains below; that carriages had rolled over it carrying ladies in gay silks and satins and gentlemen in tight breeches and very wonderful waistcoats; that troops of scarlet-coated officers had cantered up and down; that carts had labored along it, drawn by sleek white donkeys and carrying children laden with flowers from the valleys.
Kilkenny Campaigns 1617

Kilkenny Campaigns

WE ARE not taking our politics as seriously as did our forbears of half a century ago. It was a little before my time that the suggestive notice went out: 'Be at the meeting in the Town Hall next Saturday night, and don’t bring your axe-handles,’ but it was fairly indicative of the turbulence and fighting spirit which characterized the partisanship of those remote years.
Our Coal Conundrum 1011

Our Coal Conundrum

IF THE United States cut off Canada's coal supply to-morrow, what would happen? Three-fourths of the Canadian people would be exposed to the rigor of winter, without enough fuel to keep life in their bodies. Human suffering upon an unimaginable scale would follow, inevitably.
The New Kingdom 1213

The New Kingdom

ABOVE the valley, the mountain cedars swept in sable billows to brush the cold, star-dotted sky. Winter had tightened her clutch on the wilderness world. Death had touched the lake which slept in the lap of the valley, holding it beneath a blue-veined hand.
The Alabaster Box 23

The Alabaster Box

BIANCA counted her blessings before the Lord: a hundredweight of flour, sugar, salt, tea, ten gills of blackstrap, potatoes in a barrel and a flitch of fat bacon. Enough and more, to last throughout the winter. So many blessings! And still no mention made of the Manitoba spruce piled roof high in the crippled shed that clung to the sagging shoulder of her tar-papered shanty.
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