January 1, 1929

To Love and to Cherish


Men Will Kill for Whisky

To Love and to Cherish 23

To Love and to Cherish

A new serial by an author who writes fearlessly of the problems of modern married life



NEVER call a man yellow till you're sure he's shown his color." Old "Red" Barlow was filling the card room of the Vancouver Logger's Club with poisonous fumes from a corn cob pipe-a sure sign that he was in a yarning mood. "For instance, Red?" One of the members shuffled a deck of cards expectantly.

Men Will Kill for Whisky 1617

Men Will Kill for Whisky

If Public Opinion tolerates the booze racket, the booze racket soon flouts Law and Order

Era of Sustained Prosperity Is Indicated for Dominion 6061

Era of Sustained Prosperity Is Indicated for Dominion

A SUCCESSION of record-breaking crops, the greatest for all time harvested in 1928, has been the influence primarily responsible for the unprecedented prosperity which Canada as a whole has been enjoying. Seldom, if ever before, have Canadians had greater cause for satisfaction with the achievements of the preceding twelve months, than they have on this threshold of a new year.
Crime and the Woman 67

Crime and the Woman

More women court officers are needed if the ends of Canadian justice are truly to he served
Vegetables de Luxe 5051

Vegetables de Luxe

Given a little labor and skill many a vegetable dish can be given entirely new zest
There’s Money in Metals 1011

There’s Money in Metals

Back in the ’70's Billy Harris, messenger boy, earned $1.50 a week; to-day he directs a plant that covers five acres
Local and Personal 1213

Local and Personal

In which a small town editor justifies an obsession for putting two and two together
Mirth and Mud 1415

Mirth and Mud

The Chronicle of the first organized Canadian Concert Party to Tour the Trenches during the Great War
The New Lighting 5657
The New Lighting

The New Lighting

Glare has long been banned; now comes the newer diffusion, the “sky-scraper” lamp and strip-lighting
Mr. Stegger Takes a Rest 2223

Mr. Stegger Takes a Rest

The History of an Adventure in Idleness which the Law completed with Entire Success
He’s a One-Man Fiction Factory 3031

He’s a One-Man Fiction Factory

Edgar Wallace Has 140 Novels, Twenty Plays, is a Dramatic Critic and an Expert Racing Dopester.
The Private Account Book 89

The Private Account Book

Fate gave him every card in his hand save one— and that one was held by Conscience
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