January 15, 1929

The Lao Tai Dragon

Silver Feet

To Love and To Cherish

The Lao Tai Dragon 1011

The Lao Tai Dragon

The story of a desperate bid for wealth and security and of a punishment more horrible than death itself

Silver Feet 1415

Silver Feet

Being the love story of a girl who knew what she wanted and a lover who didn't

To Love and To Cherish 2021

To Love and To Cherish

Paul: “A man's a fool to neglect his wife.” Carolyn: “Those ideas went out with bustles.”

Say, I Coulda Wept 1819

Say, I Coulda Wept

In which Comedy takes to skates, cowpunchers endure massacre and Cupid squares a debt
Blue Flames 1617

Blue Flames

Every year Canada draws many billion feet of readymade fuel from Nature’s subterranean storehouses
The Sun 67

The Sun

A drama of the desert where man is a creature of the sun —a red monster, inexorable and mocking
Seven Years on Parliament Hill 1213

Seven Years on Parliament Hill

In which a member of the Press Gallery puts his eye to the political kaleidoscope and discovers patterns both farcical and tragic
Flying Frontiersmen 89

Flying Frontiersmen

Penetrating the Barren Lands and finding lost mountain ranges is all in the day's work for the pilot-pioneer
Canada’s Fighting Airmen 23

Canada’s Fighting Airmen

"The four greatest living war aces in the world are Canadians and their combined record surpasses that of any four war pilots from any other country.”
They’re World Champions 89

They’re World Champions

In fifteen years, the Edmonton Grads have played 308 basketball games—and won 301 of them
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