February 15, 1929

To Love and To Cherish

The Tides of Hymen


To Love and To Cherish 1819

To Love and To Cherish

Another generous instalment of this intriguing story of modern married life

The Tides of Hymen 67

The Tides of Hymen

A story of the New Frontier where Sophistication sits cheek by jowl with Grim Reality
Gamblers 1011


He who putters may putter safely, but he who dares the impossible has his own reward
The Parts Pigs Play 23

The Parts Pigs Play

Concerning a sow that sought freedom, a curate with flying feet and a New Woman who found she couldn't chuck all the old gods into the dustbin
Gurl’s Garters 1415

Gurl’s Garters

It is not meet that a man should go about life's business accoutred other than man-wise
Canada in the Caribbean 1213

Canada in the Caribbean

A forthright statement of the weakness and strength of our trade effort in the West Indies
Canada's Fighting Airmen 45

Canada's Fighting Airmen

Twenty enemy planes destroyed in six weeks! Thus did Bishop soar to eminence as an ace
The St. Lawrence Question 89

The St. Lawrence Question

“To deepen the St. Lawrence as an entirely Canadian enterprise is folly, pure and simple"
Letters of a Woman M.P. 89

Letters of a Woman M.P.

An insider looks at the opening of Parliament and discovers that Comedy sits enthroned with Pomp and Circumstance
Vimy V.C’s 1617

Vimy V.C’s

Another chapter from the record of the Canadians who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the Great War
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