March 15, 1929

Holt vs. Jones

To Love and To Cherish


Holt vs. Jones 23

Holt vs. Jones

FOR more than a year, Ottawa has been the cockpit of a battle, which for drama, for romance and stakes of millions, for the bitterness and character of its warfare, and for the picturesqueness of the contending personalities, has had no parallel in our time.
To Love and To Cherish 2223

To Love and To Cherish

CAROLYN poured Paul’s after-dinner coffee and lighted his cigarette for him. Jessie announced Neil. He said he would not remove his light overcoat, as he had dropped in just for a moment to say good-by. He was going out of town for a few days, leaving in the morning.

Geraniums 67


ANTHONY GREEN, lockmaster of Number Two on the Lachine Canal, watched with something akin to malice in his usually good-natured eyes, as the John L. Savage nosed its vast wooden hulk into the western lock. Vast, indeed, for a lake freighter in those days when the New Victoria Bridge was but two years old, and side-burns were the essential badge of respectability.
Canada’s New-Found Empire 89

Canada’s New-Found Empire

THE unparalleled interest that mining men are taking in that part of Canada which extends through the “barren lands" to the Arctic and their spectacular efforts to be first on the ground have focused attention within the past year upon that half million square miles of country which lies between the Mackenzie River and Hudson Bay.
The Salvation of Slats 1011

The Salvation of Slats

YOU’RE back from the Big Stampede, are you? Never no more! H’mph! Boy, don’t kid an old-timer that-a-way. What if you did find some better riders, an’ wuss horses are rounded up at Calgary than graze among these hills along Butte Creek an’ the North Saskatchewan? You’ll hear the announcer bawl your name an’ see ’em yank open the chute an’ feel a quiverin’ bundle o’ steel springs an’ devilment between your knees —ride to glory or root the dust many a time yet.
Barnyard Golf 1213

Barnyard Golf

TIME was when horseshoe pitching, or barnyard golf as the moderns call it, was literally a product of the barnyard; if not of the barnyard, at least of the yard next to the barnyard. Those were the days when the boys swung shoes after the milking was done or after the hay was in the livery stable loft.
Winnipeg Defies King Zero 1213

Winnipeg Defies King Zero

WINNIPEG is the coldest city in the world.” Of course, no loyal son of the Red River believes anything of the sort and so I hasten to exonerate myself from all blame. The statement is to be found in the erudite pages of the “Encyclopedia Britannica.”
The Ghost of a Lonely Do 1415

The Ghost of a Lonely Do

THE haunted house did not look haunted; it only looked forlornly deserted. A brisk walker could reach it in ten minutes after leaving the outskirts of the town, but it had a history that made it an outcast among the other houses, most of them much less pleasing to look upon.
What Does an M.P. Do? 1617

What Does an M.P. Do?

BETWEEN campaign expenditures and the cost of operating the electoral machinery, upward of three million dollars is spent in this Dominion every time the electors are called upon to choose the men or women who will make our laws at Ottawa. And having selected the law-makers, the taxpayers of Canada pay another two millions annually to make the legislative machine run smoothly.
Prodigies of Valor 1819

Prodigies of Valor

THE Battle of Hill 70 is outstanding for two reasons: one, that it was the first major operation executed by the Canadian Corps under the leadership of Sir Arthur Currie; and, two, it was an action in which the enemy sustained the heaviest casualties of the war proportionately to the number of troops involved.
Let the Cop Beware 2021

Let the Cop Beware

THE Examening Editor, Associated War Corespondents’ Training School, Chicago, Ill. Dear Sir: Since I can not take a war corespondent job right now because I promised Miss Peters not to, I have decided to avale myself of your local corespondents news service scheme in which you agree to syncdicate any news I send you among the news papers of the American continent, through ought the British Empire and as far beyond as the copper wires of civilization penetrate to the darkest corner of the Globe, as per your literature which you sent me last week.
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