April 15, 1929


The Breed of Pioneers

A ValorRuined Man



A two-part story of love and adventure in the days when brother fought brother
The Breed of Pioneers 89

The Breed of Pioneers

The story of a certain woman who endured ordeal by fire and thereby discovered the mettle of a people, crude and rugged and very fine
A ValorRuined Man 2223

A ValorRuined Man

A story of the courage of men, the irony of facts and the valor that knows no recrimination
Wistaria 1213


This story was one of the six given Honorable Mention in MacLean's 1928 Short Story Contest
The Militant Maggot 1415

The Militant Maggot

A rollicking tale of a timid lover, a tempestuous parent and the perils of entomology
He’s Brushed Himself a Fortune 1819

He’s Brushed Himself a Fortune

There was a time when the output of the Simms brush plant at Saint John could be delivered in a handcart. To-day, its products go to twenty-five countries
The St. Lawrence Question 1011

The St. Lawrence Question

In Remembrance 67

In Remembrance

Here is graven in stone the deathless record of a nation's martial achievement
“It’s the Same Man!” 1011

“It’s the Same Man!”

The story of how the finger-print sleuths at Ottawa have made identification the nemesis of the criminal
Sentiment is Potent Factor in Stock Market Fluctuations 9697

Sentiment is Potent Factor in Stock Market Fluctuations

ANYONE who has followed the speculative markets at all is familiar with the notorious instability of security prices. Stocks fluctuate up and down in a disconcerting and inexplicable fashion. Like the sea the market is never at rest. Here and there the surface is rippled as sporadic waves of speculative buying or selling appear, and at times it is subject to violent agitation, as the speculation for the rise or fall is swelled to major proportions by economic or business developments that may affect industry or business as a whole.
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