May 1, 1929

The Red Sport Cabriolet

Women and Their Work

As the Twig is Bent


The Red Sport Cabriolet 67

The Red Sport Cabriolet

Concerning the appalling tribulations of a “gimme” flapper and the sad struggle of the smitten male to achieve wisdom
As the Twig is Bent 7879
Women and Their Work

As the Twig is Bent

Character doesn’t “happen;” it must be built and the parent’s task is that of builder


In which an adventurer becomes a lover and love risks all on a deed of great daring
Brickbats and Bouquets 3637

Brickbats and Bouquets

For the second time I have read with regret and indignation articles in your magazine adversely criticizing Australia’s labor laws and conditions. It seems to me not the province of a country that resents criticism of its own institutions to offer criticisms, or to publish such of another, unless the other side of the case is also given.
Private Elemental 1213

Private Elemental

The story of a feud between two men of courage and the triumph of an amazing tenacity
Security Markets Reflect Acute Credit Stringency 8889

Security Markets Reflect Acute Credit Stringency

NOVICES in the art of speculation have acquired a vast amount of useful experience since the beginning of the year. They have been presented with concrete evidence of the unstable character of security values, and have discovered that stocks can decline with equal or even greater precipitancy than they can advance.
The Centenarian 1415

The Centenarian

In which a master of irony records Petersville's discovery of a hero and the hero's discovery of himself
Kindred 2021


In which the lone eagle atop Creation Mountain learns that life was not meant for hatred
Vanderdassen 89


The tale of a mariner who, having no use for women, found a pearl of great price
Happy Valleys 5657

Happy Valleys

SPRING has brought apple blossoms to the fruit lands of the Dominion. It is remarkable that ninety per cent of the fruit is grown in three of these valleys—the Okanagan, Niagara and Annapolis. Nature, the master artist, has been prolific in giving us canvases of rugged seashore, prairie land and mountain, but she has reserved her masterpieces for the valleys.
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