May 15, 1929

Mr. Absalom 23

Mr. Absalom

The first instalment of a fascinating mystery serial by the author of “A Little Way Ahead"
What Ails Our Wheat? 67

What Ails Our Wheat?

A candid explanation of the grain-grading controversy that, after thirty years of perennial strife, once more is in full flame in Western Canada
The St. Lawrence Question A REPLY TO MR. DRURY 1819

The St. Lawrence Question A REPLY TO MR. DRURY

Being a statement of the case against the St. Lawrence deepening by one who believes that canals are obsolete
Investor Should Understand Terms Used in Stock Market 100101

Investor Should Understand Terms Used in Stock Market

THIS article is dedicated to the New Army of Canadian investors who are seeking to obtain some of the rewards of our national business prosperity through sane and conservative investment and speculation. Their new experiences have brought attendant trials and difficulties, not least among which is their inability to read understandingly a balance sheet, a profit and loss account or a market report.
The Safe Side of Twenty 1213

The Safe Side of Twenty

In which a “disgustingly adorable” flapper encounters a “perfectly leprous” experience
A City Within a City Block 4243

A City Within a City Block

TO SAY that it is the largest hotel in Canada, the tallest building in the British Empire, or the most beautiful and up-to-date institution of its kind in the world is to convey nothing. The Royal York Hotel cannot be reduced even to paragraph proportions.
Behind the Silver Screen 1415

Behind the Silver Screen

The story of how a man with an idea built a flourishing motion picture industry
Richvale Dramatic Society Presents... 1617

Richvale Dramatic Society Presents...

Mr. James Bowser, comedian extraordinary, in the stellar role of a triumphantly hilarious tragedy, “The Old Oaken Bucket”
Outposts of Faith 89

Outposts of Faith

This story won honorable mention in MacLean's Short Story Competition
A Canadian Creation of Comfort 5051

A Canadian Creation of Comfort

BEFORE the actual furnishing of the Royal York came the interesting but involved task of searching the earth for designs and ideas. Perhaps, scouring the earth describes the process better. It was an exhaustive investigation. Not that articles were bought and brought in from here and there and all over, for, if this newest link in a worldfamous chain of hostelries is the Dominion’s greatest, its completion is also a triumph for the Canadian workman and the Canadian manufacturer.
When Gold Was King 1819

When Gold Was King

A chapter of dramatic episodes from the days of the gold rush that gave birth to British Columbia
Linen's New Lure 9697

Linen's New Lure

Still another fabric joins the color parade with results that delight the beauty lover
Light as a Feather 9091
Women and Their Work

Light as a Feather

Correct mixing methods and careful baking are the secrets to sponge cake success
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