June 15, 1929

Mr. Absalom

The Pilots of Fundy

The Wheat Pool

Mr. Absalom 1617

Mr. Absalom

In which a man of science unriddles a riddle and two lovers encounter a dilemma
The Pilots of Fundy 4647

The Pilots of Fundy

“There have been Fundy pilots since the city of Saint John was incorporated in 1785; thus the profession is among the oldest in America”
The Wheat Pool 89

The Wheat Pool

An action picture of “the most colossal commercial enterprise of its kind in the world”
No Cooking on Summer Sundays 8687

No Cooking on Summer Sundays

With a little forethought the housewife's Sabbath can be made a real day of rest
Pup’s God 67

Pup’s God

A story of a man who had a dog, a man who coveted a dog, and a dog that loved a man
The Art of Transformation 9293
Women and The Home

The Art of Transformation

Refinishing oftentimes will work marvels with seemingly impossible pieces of furniture
One Flesh 1011

One Flesh

This story was awarded honorable mention in MacLean s Canadian Short Story Contest
The Last Stand of Almighty Voice 1415

The Last Stand of Almighty Voice

An echo of Long Lance's story that reveals fresh facts concerning one of the tense periods of the West's history
Rizzie's Uncle Jordan 45

Rizzie's Uncle Jordan

A gay tale of a histrionic flapper and her unconventional cavalier
Brickbats and Bouquets 9091
Special Departments

Brickbats and Bouquets

Wherein the Chorus Enters and, With a Loud Shout, Defends MacLean’s Fiction Editor, MacLean’s: In “Brickbats and Bouquets” of April, I notice a letter from a subscriber in Ancaster, who says he wonders if any of your readers ever read a good story or article.
The Guarded Hearthstone 1213

The Guarded Hearthstone

A tale of Old Ontario, of old loves and new love, and the fearlessness of “this madcap generation"
Here’s a Help to a Million 2829

Here’s a Help to a Million

Statistician Sketches Inventions Which Are Badly Needed and Ought to Make Their Creators Wealthy.
The St. Lawrence Question 23

The St. Lawrence Question

Who says Sir John A. Macdonald safeguarded Canadas waterway rights in Washington Treaty
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