July 1, 1929

Why United States Textbooks in Canadian Schools? 23

Why United States Textbooks in Canadian Schools?

IF THOUSANDS of Canadian children attending a large number of Canadian schools were cut off from all sources of information save their school textbooks, their total knowledge concerning Canada’s part in the Great War would be summed up in exactly nineteen words.
Manbane 45


FOLLOWING a nearly successful attempt on his life, Cleedman of the Police went up to Hadjpur for a rest, or a period of distraction, which is the only sort of recuperation for a man with the tireless energy of a spitting Maxim. Bob Grant of the Woods and Forests was unfeignedly glad of his company.
Les Millionaires Sont La! 67

Les Millionaires Sont La!

THIS is the odd story of a man who used to be a boilermaker—that was only four years ago—and who is now well on his way to become a plutocrat and a fashioner of his country’s laws. You will say that in this Canada of ours, so filled with opportunity, so fruitful of reward for the deserving, there is nothing at all odd about that; but the unusual feature of this case is that this clever, small man has attained his present eminence in his community—which is a very considerable eminence in a very considerable community—chiefly by virtue of an abnormally stout pair of lungs, plus an enthusiasm for applying them zealously on behalf of certain professional athletes whose cause he champions.
“Punch” Dickins 67

“Punch” Dickins

FREDERICK B. WATT IT WAS mid-April and “Punch” Dickins had just returned to Edmonton following a winter of supplying the Mackenzie river basin with its first regular air service. While he had been absent he had been awarded the McKee trophy, given to the aviator contributing the finest performance of the year to Canadian aviation.
Home Run ! Home Run! 89

Home Run ! Home Run!

STRI-I-KE three!’ The umpire behind Red Dirk, the “Canucks’ ” catcher, jerked an emphatic fist up and back. Janet McCrae, her little orange hat a pin point of vivid color in the packed third base bleachers, clapped her hands together and laughed happily right into the teeth of seething discontent all around her.
The Educated Fool 1011

The Educated Fool

THEY'S two kinds o’ ejucated folks—wise, an’ otherwise,” observed Pete McQuegg, mellowed old cowpuncher. He hooked his long leg, clad in chaps that looked like the flank of a shedding buffalo, over his saddle-horn and whittled a fill for his pipe.
Canada’s Fighting Airmen 1213

Canada’s Fighting Airmen

THE fight over the Menin Road on October 16, in which Barker won his first double victory, was his last decisive encounter on the Western Front for nearly a year. For the next two weeks the weather was poor for flying, and while he and the pilots of his squadron were daily over the line harassing enemy troops with machine-gun fire they missed any serious engagement with the scouts, largely through the policy of “hedge hopping” which they had adopted on these expeditions.
The Far Horizons 1415

The Far Horizons

TROUBLE with the young folks nowadays, they won’t listen to their elders, Think they know it all. It stands to reason that a man forty years old knows more than a young calf of eighteen, for he has his own experience and his own mistakes behind him, but somehow you can’t tell the young whippersnappers anything.
The Session in Review 1617

The Session in Review

THE Parliamentary session of 1929 was a peculiar combination of activity and dullness. Nothing in the nature of a major issue developed: nothing of that nature was foreshadowed in the government’s programme of legislation. Yet, here and there furious battles were opened, arising in unexpected places, engaging unexpected forces, battles which at times became embittered, protracted and vehement, but degenerating at other times to mere shadow-boxing.
The Wheat Pool 1617

The Wheat Pool

IN THE two preceding articles of this series an attempt was made to describe the Canadian wheat pool in terms of its physical extent, its historical background, its manner of organization, its personnel, and its method of carrying on the business of selling rather more than half the Canadian wheat crop.
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