September 1, 1929

A Son of Eli


Betty Ann’s Villain

A Son of Eli 23

A Son of Eli

Commencing a novel of Rebellious Youth in Quest of Lost Content
Devil-Ride 1617


Recording the thrills and spills of a duel between the Fanning Kid and “that horse, Funeral”
Betty Ann’s Villain 1415

Betty Ann’s Villain

A tale of calf-love scorned, of a suicide that flopped and a revenge that was sweet
Assimilation 67


“We should let the immigrant grow as what he is; not as what we think he ought to be"
The Man With a Memory 89

The Man With a Memory

A story of intrigue in that part of South America where politics wax hot as the climate
Your Young Men Shall See Visions 1011

Your Young Men Shall See Visions

And down in the Maritime Provinces they are making dreams come true
Battling the Bug Battalions 1819

Battling the Bug Battalions

Insect marauders cost Canada $175,000,000 a year; hence the never-ending war being waged for their destruction
A Gladiolus Wizard 2223

A Gladiolus Wizard

The story of a Canadian plant breeder whose success with a “hobby” made him world-famous
Canadians and the Victoria Cross 1213

Canadians and the Victoria Cross

Being the final chapter in the heroic record of deeds by which Canadians won the award “For Valor”
To Europe via Cochrane 1011

To Europe via Cochrane

Destiny has marked the Cochrane-Reykjavik route as one of the great air lanes of the future
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