September 15, 1929

A Son of Eli

Make It With Raisins

Red Hair and Freckles

A Son of Eli 2021

A Son of Eli

In which Youth opens a number of closed doors and discovers that life is very complicated
Make It With Raisins 7475

Make It With Raisins

There are scores of appetizing cakes and cookies to be made with the succulent raisin
Red Hair and Freckles 67

Red Hair and Freckles

THE late afternoon shadows lay on the close-cropped lawn which stretched down to the road from the “old Aspinwall place.” The long, graceful arms of the elm trees trembled slightly in warm currents of air. Bright flowers twinkled on the borders of the garden.
Short Wheat Crop on Prairies May Affect Stock Market Prices 8485

Short Wheat Crop on Prairies May Affect Stock Market Prices

THE Canadian stock markets have passed through a protracted period of drought. After months of depression and comparative inactivity, extending from midwinter to long past midsummer, the markets are at last displaying some signs of reviving vitality, but so far the old-time spontaneity and uniformity of movement are lacking.
Down North 1819

Down North

Being the record of a trip down Canada's 2,000 mile river highway to the Arctic Ocean
Changing Things Around 8081

Changing Things Around

In house furnishing, “Everything in its Place” is a rule that occasionally should be forgotten
A Harvest Lancelot 1213

A Harvest Lancelot

The story of a mating in the Wheat Lands where the race is to the strong of heart
Financial Queries 8485

Financial Queries

Question—I would greatly appreciate any information you are able to give me about the De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd.—A.I.O., Toronto. Answer—The De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd., will work closely with the De Havilland Co. of England. It has taken over a 70-acre aerodrome on which it is purposed building a plant to manufacture planes. The head office is in Toronto, and the officers and directors are as follows: R. A. Loador, General Manager and Managing Director; Wm. Zimmerman, Secretary; W. R. Parker, K.C.; J. H. Black and A. S. Butler, Chairmen of the Board.
Tragedy on Cannon Street 1415

Tragedy on Cannon Street

Intrigue in racing's underworld where a crooked tip on the ponies is an open sesame
Has Fascism Really Saved Italy? 2425

Has Fascism Really Saved Italy?

Mussolini's Régime Has Undoubtedly Set Her on High Road to Recovery, Says American Attaché at Rome.
“These Are They” 89

“These Are They”

In which a valiant woman passes through the shadow and reaches the haven of good content
“Spoonerisms” Not all Spooner 2829

“Spoonerisms” Not all Spooner

But Oxford Don's Name is Now Adopted Into Language as Father of Verbal Lapses.
This Flag Question 23

This Flag Question

A forthright statement of the case for a Canadian national flag
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