October 1, 1929

A Son of Eli

The Perfect Ending


A Son of Eli 2021

A Son of Eli

Being further Adventures of Youth at Blind-Man’s-Buff with Life’s Inscrutabilities
The Perfect Ending 1819

The Perfect Ending

"Two men so faithful to the memory of one woman could not meet—and live”
Napoleon 67


A little brown fellow in the teak forest finds himself ... in the magic of a mighty name
An Industry in Peril 23

An Industry in Peril

A startling forecast of what will happen if Canada goes on living on her lumber capital
A Question of Acquaintance 1213

A Question of Acquaintance

Old Sourmug and a change of heart, as recorded by the author of “Anne of Green Gables”
So Romance Is Dead ! 45

So Romance Is Dead !

The North took both Tom Cowan's legs, but it had given him that which makes a Man
Beef Is Coming Back 89

Beef Is Coming Back

In spite of U. S. Tariff Threat, Canadian cattle raisers are optimistic
Angel 1415


There is a touch of the Homeric about this breathless story of the football field
Where Do We Land ? 89

Where Do We Land ?

In which a plea is entered for constructive effort in scientific development of the Dominion's airports
Marksmanship Plus! 1011

Marksmanship Plus!

The story of Colonel Blair, King’s Prizeman, and Bisley’s tensest shoot-off
September 151929 October 151929