October 15, 1929

Steel’s March to Flin Flon 89

Steel’s March to Flin Flon

It took 330 trainloads of gravel to fill one 250-foot stretch of the Flin Flon railroad!
A Son of Eli 1819

A Son of Eli

War days, and youth floundering unpiloted through the maelstrom of that queer time
Without Benefit of Anything 67

Without Benefit of Anything

Wherein one of the navy’s spit-and-polish expert’s makes a serious misjudgment of his man
Who Takes the Hardest Bumps? 89

Who Takes the Hardest Bumps?

Every sportsman seems to think the other fellow’s game is hardest
Stewart of Alberta 1011

Stewart of Alberta

"Charlie” Stewart left school at thirteen to run a farm; today, as a Minister of the Crown, he administers an area of 2,500,000 square miles
Pitchforks for Two 1617

Pitchforks for Two

In which two gladiators of the harvest take a whirl at the he-man's game of spike pitchin'
The Making of McGill 1415

The Making of McGill

The Vision of a Scots-Canadian Merchant Prince—and how it was realized
Canada’s Public Utility Field Offers Investment Possibilities 8889

Canada’s Public Utility Field Offers Investment Possibilities

A LARGE number of powerful and prosperous concerns have been built up in Canada, whose principal product is “service” in some form or other. They are the so-called “public utilities,” and embrace the telephone companies, the electric light and power companies, the street railways, and the gas companies.
Here Lies Virginia 1213

Here Lies Virginia

The love story of a lady who was too nice to be hard-boiled and too hard-boiled to be slow
Hallowe’en Candies 7879

Hallowe’en Candies

A plentiful supply of homemade sweets is an asset beyond price at the Hallowe’en party
Canada’s Fighting Airmen 1819

Canada’s Fighting Airmen

Commencing the story of Major Donald MacLaren, conqueror of forty-eight German war planes
The House of Surprises 8485

The House of Surprises

Good taste and ingenuity have made of this house a home ideally suited to the needs of its author owner


A poignant drama of exile in the tropics
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