November 1, 1929

But There Are Orchids

A Son of Eli

Sky Racketeers

But There Are Orchids 23

But There Are Orchids

A romanticist goes a-fishering and learns something about the scaly side of romance
A Son of Eli 1819

A Son of Eli

Adventuring youth discovers that a step in the dark is, after all, just that
Sky Racketeers 67

Sky Racketeers

A sensational but authentic account of the Border Booze Gangs most recent exploit—aerial rum running

The Cut of His Jib 89

The Cut of His Jib

A strange tale of the pirating of a pirate and the stranger mating of the belle of Chancy Pot
The Making of McGill 1213

The Making of McGill

CONCLUSION The little college of yesterday has blossomed into one of the world’s great universities
Pol of Peigan River 1415

Pol of Peigan River

The love story of a tender Amazon
Newfoundland Stands Aloof 45

Newfoundland Stands Aloof

An authoritative explanation of the Senior Colony’s disinclination to enter Confederation
Canada’s Fighting Airmen 1011

Canada’s Fighting Airmen

ELEVEN : MACLAREN WINS THE D. S. O. Concluding the story of the one-time fur trader who destroyed forty-eight enemy planes in six months
James 1617


In which l’enfant terrible of St. Augustines matches wits with a foeman worthy of his guile
From Sombrero to Cocked Hat 1011

From Sombrero to Cocked Hat

His gold braid means only one thing to Hon. J. D. McGregor—recognition for agriculture
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