November 15, 1929

A Son of Eli

Phantom Mines

That “Frozen” North!

A Son of Eli 2021

A Son of Eli

In which bewildered Youth discovers that broken bridges can be desperate things to mend
Phantom Mines 67

Phantom Mines

A dramatic tale of war-time adventure and the scotching of a sea-wolf in sheep's clothing
That “Frozen” North! 23

That “Frozen” North!

A plaimspoken condemnation of the perversion of Arctic geography by Canadian textbooks
Fool Notions 1011

Fool Notions

Concerning a lesson in steel-mill strategy and a hold-up that wasn’t all it seemed


A slashing exposé of the flimflam artist and his brother, the “respectable” bucketeer
Sky Racketeers 1617

Sky Racketeers

Concluding the confessions of a “mystery ship” pilot
The Face of the Drowned 1415

The Face of the Drowned

A haunting story of the Tantramar where Fundy’s tides roll over many a grim secret
This Man's Town 1819

This Man's Town

A tale from the town that Mungo Dodd built to the glory of iron and the persistent pioneer
"Czar” of the Saar 1213

"Czar” of the Saar

The story of a Canadian democrat from Montreal who became the ruler of a European state
Canada's Fighting Airmen 1213

Canada's Fighting Airmen

“The greatest fighter in the Royal Naval Air Service was a Canadian from British Columbia”
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