December 1, 1929

A Son of Eli


The Lucky Stiff

A Son of Eli 2223

A Son of Eli

In which disillusioned Yuth finds the Land of Lost Content at Rainbow's End


A dramatic story of my lord, The Elephant, in his jungle
The Lucky Stiff 89

The Lucky Stiff

A Tragi-Comedy of the Failure of a Success
The Bucko Mate 1213

The Bucko Mate

A tale of a sailorman's ship and the ultimate reward of a stone-hearted reformer
This Flag Question 3031

This Flag Question

A further exchange of views concerning the case for a distinctive Canadian flag
Canada’s Fighting Airmen 1011

Canada’s Fighting Airmen

Recording the spectacular triumphs of Collishaw’s famous all-black triplane squadron
I Think Evan Was Right 1011

I Think Evan Was Right

When Honorable Evan Morgan, English nobleman, declared that because it lacked pubs and social amenities, the Peace River district was no place for the average English workman, Canadian editors rose, almost to a man, to cry him down. Now comes a Canadian, a journalist of wide experience, who says that while Mr. Morgan's choice of words was inapt, he enunciated a truth of vital significance to this Dominion
Wings to the Rescue 1415

Wings to the Rescue

A thrilling true story of the triumph of wings over wilderness
Do Our Universities Fail to Educate? 67

Do Our Universities Fail to Educate?

Yes: "the dry rot of the academic" is killing independent thinking and love of learning
Alias Proctor 1415

Alias Proctor

Illustrating, once again, the Eternal Truth that beside Love, Riches are a Little Thing
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