January 15, 1930

Do We Kill Our Finance Ministers ? 89

Do We Kill Our Finance Ministers ?

An outspoken attack on the policy that is making the portfolio of finance a passport to the grave
The Room with the Iron Shutters 2021

The Room with the Iron Shutters

Demonstrating once again that escape may often be the most dangerous way out of a tight corner
Maid and Maiden Aunt 1415

Maid and Maiden Aunt

Wherein “a good old egg” contrives the taming of “a grand little panic”
Brickbats and Bouquets 2223

Brickbats and Bouquets

Newfoundland and Confederation Editor, MacLean’s: I read with much interest the article “Newfoundland Stands Aloof,” by the late Sir Patrick McGrath. I noticed that Sir Patrick only dealt with the disadvantages which appear to him that Newfoundland would be under, were she to become part of Canada, and does not say one word regarding the advantages she would receive by joining Confederation; which shows him to have been strongly prejudiced against Union.
The Bull Grappler 67

The Bull Grappler

TOMORROW in the great stadium! Zakrinos, the bullgrappler, stopped his weary donkey at the mouth of the gorge. His nostrils widened as he gazed across the clustering houses in the valley below him at the towering palace of Minos. Cnossos again! Cnossos, the city of Minos! And tomorrow he must pitch his skill against the choicest bulls of the Minos.


IS THE relative popularity of the common stock as a permanent investment vehicle likely to decline as a result of the recent stock market collapse? Many students of finance are giving thought to this problem, and opinions so far expressed differ radically.


A story of the New North where the race is to the swift of wing
At Home in the Small Apartment 5657

At Home in the Small Apartment

MY YOUNG friend Margaret wrote me the other day to ask if I could get her a tiny apartment in the city. Margaret is a very new Bachelor of Arts, and has been offered what she is pleased to term “a swell job," which is to be her first attempt to earn a living.
Slaughter by Auto 1213

Slaughter by Auto

A frank discussion of the alarming increase in deaths from motor accidents, and a suggested remedy
The Fatal Wedding 1819

The Fatal Wedding

In which the break-up of a bachelor's Eden demonstrates that four’s company when three’s none
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